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Avoid Tickets with GPS Angel Speed & Red Light Camera Locator

Stylin' Trucks - Your Source For All Things Truck   PRODUCT RELEASE
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   January 27, 2010
From: Stylin' Trucks
7820 E. Pleasant Valley Rd.
Independence, OH 44131
(800) 434-4381
  For Information Contact:
Michael Freeze
(216) 643-6600 ext. 9930 or
Avoid Tickets with GPS Angel Speed & Red Light Camera Locator

INDEPENDENCE, OH – January 27, 2010 – With the increasing coverage of red light and fixed speed cameras throughout our nation's intersections, drivers are more likely to fall into those dastardly traps. The all-new GPS Angel Speed & Red Light Camera Locator is designed to help protect you from these situations, and protect your wallet as well.

The locator – which is about the size of a hockey puck – uses military-developed GPS technology to warn you of red lights and fixed speed cameras and it's completely, 100 percent road legal and easy to use.

GPS Angel is designed to warn you of risk areas and to help you observe traffic laws. A series of colored LEDs and audible beeps (adjustable) inform you when you are approaching a known camera location.

GPS Angel comes ready to use – no installation is required. Simply place it – with its skid-free pad – on your dashboard and plug the power adapter into your cigarette lighter. An optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery accessory is available and provides you with up to eight hours of cordless use.

GPS Angel comes pre-loaded with the Patriot database of speed cameras, red light cameras and accident black spots, and it covers all of the United States and Canada.

The camera database is updated regularly and you can download updates over the Internet with the included software and USB cable. And while similar products charge a fee, the GPS Angel includes FREE unlimited lifetime updates to the database.

It also allows drivers to set your own speed alerts and points of interest and features a five tri-color LED warning display, and dual purpose USB and power lead socket.

Order one for your truck, SUV or Jeep today!

GPS Angel Speed & Red Light Camera Locator

GPS Angel Speed & Red Light Camera Locator is available at Stylin' Trucks

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Enthusiasts have their choice of ways to shop at Stylin' from the state-of-the-art website,, to catalogs to visiting the retail showroom located at 7820 E. Pleasant Valley Road in Independence, OH.

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