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Protect Yourself and Your Family from Tailgaters

Drivers today are crazy and we need to arm ourselves with whatever vehicle safety devices we can. New from Stylin’ Trucks, the leader in custom truck and SUV accessories, the Sudden Stop Flashing LED Plate Frame is an easy-to-install license plate frame that flashes super-brite LED lights when you slam your brakes, and ONLY when you slam your brakes. The tailing driver now has a 1/4 second faster reaction time at 60 MPH, with as much as 20 feet of additional stopping distance!

Installation is as easy as putting on a license plate. All you need to install Sudden Stop is a screwdriver. No wiring to your vehicle’s brake or electrical system is necessary. Everything needed for Sudden Stop to operate is contained in the unit itself, including the batteries.

Sudden Stop is always on. Its built-in batteries last 15,000 hours so you are always prepared to prevent a rear-end collision. Protect yourself and your family.

Sudden Stop

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