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Protect your Ride with the Snitch GPS Tracking Device

A teenager’s worst nightmare, the Snitch GPS Tracking device is an inconspicuous box that lets you know where your automobile is at all times. You kids can no longer tell you they are at the library when they are partying at their friend’s house!

A new product offered by Stylin’ Trucks, the leader in custom and SUV accessories, this device can text your cell phone if your vehicle is in motion, it has been involved in accident, it is speeding or the alarm is going off. You can also text your Snitch anytime to determine your vehicle’s location and it will respond with the full street address. How fun would it be to surprise your kid when he thinks he’s getting away with something? In addition, you can view current and historical activity on a GPS-enabled map. Choose from Normal, Valet or Alert mode.

Snitch GPS



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