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Better Quality Fuel=Better Performance

If you could purchase fuel immediately after the "refinery" process, when it is the freshest and most-energy producing, wouldn't you? Of course! Stylin Trucks, the leader in custom truck and SUV accessories, helps you achieve this level of fuel superiority with the new Fitch® Fuel Catalyst. Once fuel has been refined, it sits in a holding tank, waiting to get pumped into transport vehicles. Fuel is then shipped worldwide where it sits in the holding tank at the gas station until you finally purchase it. Fuel refined at 93 octane, for example, has substantially lost it potency and freshness, degrading back to its original crude oil state.

This product ensures that all fuel delivered to a combustion engine is in its optimal condition, allowing your engine to extract the maximum amount of energy with minimal emissions per kg of fuel.

The Fitch® Fuel Catalyst is a maintenance-free device warranted for 250,000 miles. It can be easily installed in the fuel line much like a fuel filter, or directly into the fuel tank. The average improved fuel economy is between 1-2.5 mpg.

Check out our Fitch Fuel Catalyst F.A.Q.

Fitch Fuel

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