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Throttle Body Spacers - VMax Manifold Spacer

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VMax Manifold Spacer Kit — 11010 Street and

by Street and Performance

Manufacturer #: 11010 Item #: 11010STR

VMax Manifold Spacer Kit

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VMax Manifold Spacer Kit — 11011 Street and

by Street and Performance

Manufacturer #: 11011 Item #: 11011STR

VMax Manifold Spacer Kit

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List Price: $393.31

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  • 1" thick billet aluminum spacer installs between stock intake manifold.
  • More air = more power - provides up to 31% more air volume.
  • Easy to install using ordinary hand tools.
  • Includes all hardware, gaskets and detailed installation instructions.
  • Fits all GM Vortec engines with two-piece intake manifold: 4.3L, 5.0L and 5.7L (1996 - 2004).
The more air your engine has available, the easier it is for it to create power. The V-Max Manifold Spacer provides up to 3

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Overall Rating
Quality: 3.00
Features: 4.00
Installation: 1.00
Appearance: 2.00
Overall: 3.00

1 Reviews for "VMax Manifold Spacer":

Quality: 3
Features: 4
Installation: 1
Appearance: 2
Overall: 3

Mixed Feelings Posted 2007-11-01 00:01:55 by macho_man50

Note: Used with Hypertech tuning Pro: Noticed improved horsepower in the 3000-4500 Range Part provides adequate gains. Cons: Install nightmare! I am a GM technician, had to put lower intake manifold gaskets in my 2001 Sonoma. Thought I would put the V-Max in while i was at it. Here are the problems: 1: The 14mm bolt in the back of the driver's side head is very hard to remove. If it is seized, I don't even want to think about it... I used a couple of different midget wrenches to get it from underneath. YOU NEED A HOIST FOR THIS! 2: Even after removing the hold down bolt for the fuel lines, movement is minimal. Reattaching the fuel lines from the chasis to the CMFI unit is a challenge. Not enough length. *GM Recommends replacing the O-rings (not supplied) from the fuel lines to the CMFI unit each time they are removed* I do not have a leak issue at this time, but you have been warned. 3: Various bolt are the wrong length, and size. Have your own supply of various fasteners on hand. They give you an M6 to replace an M8 a time or two. New studs for the throttle body are too short. Not rocket science guys. 4: The new position of the fuel lines can cause an issue with positioning of the spark plug boot on the distributor cap (clearance). 5: Removing the CMFI unit from the upper manifold can be tricky, as I know from experience. Be very careful not to damage it or the manifold. Getting it to seat back into the upper intake manifold is also tricky and takes patience(to prevent a vacuum leak). I did it on the bench since I was putting lower gaskets in at the same time. On the truck, likely much tougher. 6: The PCV tube has to reach another inch higher now, with no provision made for it. Make sure it installs securely or you find a way to anchor it. Bottom line: It works power wise, not sure about economy or longevity yet, install sucks and not enough thought was put into how the spacer affects distances and clearances. Not an amateur job.

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1-2 of 2 available products

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