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An Uplifting Experience

The battle between lifted and slammed trucks is over; both are winners. And a lifted truck doesn’t have to be Joe Off-Road Racer to look good. Sometimes, all you need is just a little more air between the tires and fenders to make ’em right.

2009: The Year of The Truck Enthusiast!

This past year sure kept our Stylin' staff busy. Our experts helped more than thousands of customers to keep their custom rides humming along on the inside and showstoppers on the outside. One of our sales coaches, Dave Steciw, gave his take on what made 2009 a Stylin' year for our call center and, most importantly, our customers.

Living the Low Life

Rob Hickok’s 1985 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup (and 2009 Best Chevy at the Stylin' Trucks High Low Truck Show) could be considered a lesson in the law of accumulation.

48-Hour Budget Birthday Build Up

Times are tough, that’s no surprise. These days, one might find it hard to keep your truck running on a budget let alone tricking it out the Stylin' way. But they never met Stylin' Trucks’ Operations Manager Steve Mashek.

Update: Joe Wagner's 2000 Dodge Dakota

Last time we checked in with Joe, he had only owned the Dakota for a short while. The previous owner did a lot of suspension work to lower the truck, (even getting in an issue of Mini Truckin' magazine) but the body and interior left a lot to be desired. Joe was fast on his way upgrading, fixing, and changing almost everything about the truck.

A Love of the Classics!

Chris Manis may only be 19 years old, but he has a passion for the classics…cars and trucks that is.  He is a mere eight weeks away from graduating from Ohio Technical College, with the goal of scoring a job restoring classic cars. He also drives a well-preserved ’92 Chevy full-size extended cab, with an 8-foot bed. Yes, that made him four when this car was new. Brat!

Restoration Buying Guide

Your old friend has been with you through the blazing hot summers and the treacherous winters. It's hauled lawn mowers and motorcycles, helped you move and transported your kids to school, soccer practice and karate lessons. Unfortunately though, your ride is starting to show its age. At Stylin' Trucks, we're here to bring new life to your reliable workhorse and help it relive its glory days!


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How can I start saving gas?
Your engine creates power by burning fuel. The amount of fuel your engine burns is directly connected to your vehicle's accelerator, and how you use it has a major impact on gas mileage.

Fast acceleration and speeding use more fuel than consistent, conservative driving. Anticipating traffic patterns, maintaining suggested speed limits (including the use of cruise control) and going easy on the throttle on acceleration improve mileage instantly. Log your mileage, adjust your driving and check the results; you might be pleasantly surprised.

 I want to put a grille on my truck. Are bolt over or cut out grilles better?
That's a personal choice depending on what you're looking for. Bolt over grille inserts are easy to install and look good; however, you will see some of the factory shell through the openings of the insert. With a cut-out grille, you get a cleaner more custom look. The grille shell must be removed and the center cut out. The new insert then replaces the factory center. Carriage Works and TRENZ offer both styles so you can choose.

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