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Truck and SUV Exhaust Systems

Let’s assume that you have decided to purchase a performance exhaust system. Let’s also assume that you already know the benefits of putting a high-performance exhaust system on your truck or SUV: better gas mileage, more horsepower and torque, and a louder, high-performance sound. Let's take a peek at some of the different styles available...

Truck and SUV Exhaust Tips

So you wanna kick the style of your truck or SUV up a notch. Maybe your budget can't handle a performance exhaust system, or you're awesome and built your own exhaust system - either way, an exhaust tip is an inexpensive way to add a lot of stylin spunk to your truck or SUV. They look great, the install is easy and they won't break the bank. Read more...

Moises Quintana's Chevy/Land Rover Tahover!

Sometimes, the reasons aren’t complex at all for frequent Stylin' Trucks customer Moises Quintana. “I just wanted to be different,” the Cleveland, Ohio resident said of his 2000 Chevy Tahoe that is appropriately dubbed “The Tahover.”

Jim Sacco's 2003 Dodge Ram Hemi

Jim Sacco is driven by anything that goes fast…no pun intended! Check out his 2003 Dodge Ram Hemi!

F150 Magnaflow Exhaust Installation

Nobody does exhaust systems better than the crew at MagnaFlow. Their high flowing truck and SUV exhaust systems provide excellent horsepower and performance gains, plus their exhaust systems look and sound just as well as they perform. Follow along as we install a Magnaflow Performance Exhaust System onto a lowered Ford F150 pickup truck...

February Show Preview

Even though the snow and the cold is all around us, it’s never too late to think about the upcoming season of truck and car shows. For us, it’s the only thing to keep us warm in this chilly weather. Two shows that come to mind are Bring The Noize in Phoenix, Ariz. and Cleveland Auto Show right near our headquarters in Independence, Ohio.

Upcoming 2010 Truck/Car Shows

2010 brings us new things; new resolutions, new commitments and of course, a new calendar. Keeping in the tradition of list and schedules, we gathered a healthy new year calendar selection of upcoming auto/trucks shows.

AAPEX - Where the automotive aftermarket meets!

The first week in November is when the automotive aftermarket descends to Las Vegas for the annual Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) at the Sands Expo Center.

Stylin's High Low show brings out the best in truck

Not even an early morning chilly drizzle and a visit from the local authorities could put a damper on the 7th annual show held at our headquarters in Independence, Ohio. More than 130 trucks and jeeps from around the country braved the weather to display custom rides that were the only showstoppers around.

Check Out What’s Coming Up for the Stylin' Trucks’ High-Low Truck Show

Stylin' Trucks has been burning the midnight oil getting ready for the big 2009 High Low Truck Show (10 a.m. to 3 p.m., August 30 at the Stylin Headquarters in Independence, Ohio... to be exact). Check it out:

Tire Basics

From badass, knobbly off-road shoes for your trail rig to directional rubber bands for your street cruiser, we've got you covered. But do you know enough about tires to make an informed decision? Read on and we'll help you out...

Swapping a V8 into an S10, Part 2

The game plan that we’ve set while swapping out the 2.2L factory motor in our ’97 Chevy S-10 project is as follows: pull off the front clip for easy access; drain all fluids from the block, power steering reservoir and clutch master to avoid a massive mess. Read more...

Squeezing a V8 into an S10, Part 1

While a V-8 swap isn’t entirely rare in the second generation S-10s, it’s never been easier to accomplish thanks to Stylin’ Trucks and their new line of GM crate motors as well as transmissions and accessories. Their one-stop shopping experience removes the hassles of hunting down parts by placing everything within a few clicks on your computer.

Kumho: Air Pressure Info

The importance of maintaining the proper air pressure cannot be overstated. Under-inflation can lead to excessive heat build-up and structural stress, and can cause a tire to fail. Over-inflation can cause uneven tire wear in the center portion of the tread pattern. Read more...

Kumho: Tire Safety 101

It's true that Stylin' Trucks now carries high-performance Kumho tires for trucks and SUVs. And to help you care for your tires correctly, we received these handy tire safety tips from Kumho. Check 'em out!

43rd Annual Cleveland Auto-Rama

Held at the Cleveland I-X Center, the Auto-Rama is the premier custom car show where the state’s most unique vehicles are on display.

Lookin' good under the hood!

You've got a great looking truck, now spruce up the engine compartment with some hot accessories from Stylin' Trucks...

Fuel Savings

Fuel Savings doesn't just mean using less fuel, it means using your fuel more intelligently. Squeezing every little bit of horsepower from every drop of that sweet, sweet nectar.

Underbody Performance

Underbody performance includes any type of performance item that works down and dirty underneath the body work of your favorite truck or SUV. This includes high performance suspension and braking systems, as well as many drivetrain components.

Underhood Performance

The subject of this first installment is Underhood Performance, so let's discuss some of the ways to get more performance under your truck or SUV's hood...

Bully Dog Videos Online!

The world's leading manufacturer of Diesel Truck Performance Accessories, Bully Dog, has just dumped a whole load of videos onto the website. So if you're researching performance truck accessories for your diesel pickup truck, then look no further.

2007 High & Low Truck Show Video!

Well, it's taken about six months for me to get the video out, but the show is over and it was a complete success. Over 150 trucks made the trip out that chilly day in September and we really got some great footage.

Dave Dlugoz’s ’99 GMC Sierra…Shines Brighter than a Hollywood Star!

Dave Dlugoz represents a true Stylin’ Truck enthusiast. In fact, he can literally say he’s the Stylin’ Trucks poster child. Not only does his truck grace the cover of the most recent issue of our Sport Truck catalog, both he and his truck are also featured in a Truckin’ ad.

Stylin' Trucks Installs a Fitch Fuel Catalyst

Let's make sure that we're all on-board with the idea that fresh gas is better than old gas. It's cleaner and burns better, for more power, better mileage, and cleaner exhaust. But what if you could have not only fresh gas, but the freshest gas possible - forever! Yeah, now I've got your attention. Check out the installation of a revolutionary little product, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst...

The Work of a True Enthusiast

Ryan Beilstein, hardcore truck enthusiast and loyal Stylin’ Trucks customer, caught the car modifying bug from his brother but has proven he can really hold his own. His 1998 Ford Ranger reflects the work of a skilled craftsman and it’s important to note that mom and dad did not pay for any of it. He’s supported his habit all while working and going to school. Nice!

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst F.A.Q.

One of our newest truck accessories is the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. Essentially, it's an item that installs into your fuel system. The fuel leaves the tank and is run through the fuel catalyst, where it is freshened up before being sent on to your engine. You'll see power gains and fuel economy improvement.

Here are some common questions that people have about the Fitch Fuel Catalyst:

The GMC Canyon that Sparks Intense Jealousy!

Steve Niday, loyal Stylin’ Trucks customer and full-time Ohio State student, is what we call a true truck enthusiast. He belongs to, and the nation’s premier Canyon/Colorado website. His white-hot 2005 GMC Canyon is sporting some pretty sweet customizations that make it stand out from the crowd…so much so that jealous teens are egging it every few months!

Stylin' Trucks' 2007 High & Low Truck Show Recap.

Wow, if you weren't here, then you missed one of the best shows in Stylin' Trucks history. There was a smoky burnout contest, a huge warehouse clearance sale and many, many trucks.

The day started slow and early for the Stylin' Trucks show crew. The weather was cold, but not too cold. Nice hoodie weather. But eventually the sun came out, the trucks started rolling in and it turned out to be a really, really nice day.

Customer Feedback

Stylin' Trucks now displays customer feedback on our site!
Whether you want to leave a comment or feedback for an item you purchased, or just want to send us some kind words, we love to hear it.  You can even leave comments and feedback on any of our helpful online articles.

Video: Hypertech's Max Energy Programmer

Whether you run diesel, premium gas, or regular gas, Hypertech's Max Energy programmer delivers maximum power and performance, like optimizing tuning over the entire rpm band, proper transmission shifting, and maintaining safe EGTs.  Check out our video review!

Joe Wagner's 2000 Dodge Dakota

Stylin’ Trucks sales rep Joe Wagner goes to work everyday selling what he loves…cool stuff that make trucks look good and go fast! As the new owner of a 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport  2-wheel drive 5-speed with all the fixins’, he understands firsthand the passion people feel for their trucks.

2007 Tahoe Sweepstakes Build

Beginning with a stock 2007 Chevy Tahoe, the Stylin’ build team added a slew of aftermarket accessories for hot styling and great performance. Beginning in the cab, the ECU was retuned with an SLP Performance Tuner, while under the Keystone Ram-Air hood, SLP hooked the Tahoe up with its high-performance...

Customer Rides: Jon Dalton's 1993 Chevrolet Suburban

Let's take a look at Jon's stunning 1993 Chevrolet Suburban. With a little over 165,000 miles on the odometer, this shining example of truck dedication shows what anyone with some will and a few fabrication skills can accomplish. This Suburban features a 4-way independent air suspension setup. The front suspension features CoolRide airbags from Air Ride Technologies along with Belltech lowering spindles. The rear system is comprised of...

Stylin' Trucks' 2006 Truck Show Videos

The morning of September 10th, 2006 started early for many Stylin’ employees, for it was the day of the fourth annual Stylin’ Concepts High & Low Truck Show...Also there were a few Stylin' crew members armed with a video camera and a dream.  Here is the end result:  The Stylin' Concepts Truck Show Video!

Nate Borger's 2003 Yukon Denali

When he's not cruising the mean streets of Stafford, Virginia, on his motorcycle, Nate Borger is busy navigating the circuit-boards and myriad electronics aboard his hot 2003 GMC Yukon Denali. From the dual DVD players, to the six Optima Yellow-top batteries, to the rump-shakin' MTX 9500 subs with over 10,000 watts pulsing through them, this baby is all about performance!

Greg Carlos' 1995 GMC Sierra

What skill is most important when building a custom truck? Is it welding? How about math, body work, or electrical knowledge? If you ask us, it's the ability to picture exactly how the car or truck should look and then put that thought into action. And that is what Greg Carlos, the owner of this slick 1995 GMC Sierra, brings to the table; Vision.

Una Schade's 2007 FJ Cruiser

As the Digital Asset Coordinator for Stylin' Trucks, Una is in charge of over 75,000 product images and custom truck photos. Need an image for the website? Call Una. Need a logo, design, or photo resized? Call Una. Wanna go off-roading?  Call Una.  She'll bring along her modified 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser.  Let's learn a little more about Una and her ride...

Jeremy Majstruk's 2000 S10

You'd think that being a purchasing agent for the biggest truck accessory retailer in the country would be a great gig - it is. Seeing new parts come across his desk every day keeps his thirst for truck customization at an all-time high. And, he's got a nice truck to prove it with.  Come check it out...

Red Line Synthetic Motor Oil

It's no secret that oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Your engine's oil pump, whether it be electrical or mechanical, pumps oil through the engine's pathways and galleys, just like your heart pumps blood through your veins.

K&N Air Intake Installation on a Chevrolet Colorado

Does your truck have a high-flowing air intake system? If not, it really should. The benefits of a performance air intake system are well documented: more power, more torque, better gas mileage, cooler operating temperatures...the list goes on.

Let's check out a 77-series intake system from K&N being installed on our Chevrolet Colorado.

Dynatech SuperMaxx Header Installation

At Stylin' Trucks, we love trucks and truck accessories. That's why our 2006 Sweepstakes F150 is installed with all of the aftermarket goodies that everyone wants. We've installed a Belltech lowering kit, a Magnacharger supercharger, a brake kit from Stainless Steel Brake corporation as well as many other goodies.

Ford F150 Brake Installation

At Stylin’ Trucks, we believe in safety first. Ok, maybe safety runs a close third to speed and then sound. Or looks! So safety really runs back in fourth place, but fourth is still plenty important when it comes to custom truck building. Seriously though, safety is, and should always be, the number one priority. And the safety of your braking system is right at the top of the list.

Stylin' Trucks' 2006 F150 Sweepstakes

The torches are cooled and the cutting wheels have stopped spinning. The paint is dry, the decals are applied and the tools have been cleaned and put away. Let this be your official notice: Stylin’ Trucks’ first sweepstakes truck of 2006, a supercharged and slammed 2006 Ford F150, is complete and ready for you to win.

John Rosenbalm's 1993 Chevrolet Silverado

Most guys in their teens are busy worrying about girls, or when they're gonna get their first car. The only thing John Rosenbalm is worried about is where to put all of his show trophies.

Gas Saving Products

With today's rising gas prices, your truck or SUV's gas mileage is really a huge issue and you want to make every ounce of fuel count. That's why at Stylin' Concepts, we want to help you and your truck or SUV get the most out of every drop. So we've put together our choices for the top ten products to improve fuel economy. So read on and find something that may help you go the extra mile.

Top Ten Diesel Performance Products

A top ten list of truck accessories that will make your diesel scream with power. A perfect guide to what you need to make your diesel truck race worthy, ready for heavy hauling, or just better everyday driving.

Top Performance Product Picks

At Stylin' Trucks, we know that performance is important to everyone. At least anyone who might be reading this. So, we've put together our choice for the top ten performance truck accessories. Read on and gather the knowledge that you need to really make your truck stand out.

Customer Rides: Brian Smith's 1989 GMC Sierra

With a 24-inch lift and 49-inch tires, this is one of the biggest street trucks we’ve seen. All work was done by Brian and his friend Jason over at Kat Kustoms, a custom vehicle shop in New Knoxville, Ohio. Many Saturdays and evenings went into tweaking this towering truck.

Magnusson Supercharger Installation

Here at Stylintrucks we are all about speed and power. Yes looks are important and so is braking performance. But neither of those will get you from zero to 60 in a blur of seatbelt fumbling frenzy. There is only one thing that will do that. My friends, I am talking about a supercharger. And more specifically, the Magnacharger we installed on our sweepstakes vehicle, a 2005 Chevy Tahoe.

Air Intake System Buying Guide

As we mentioned before, getting a high-flow air intake system is always a good decision. They generally offer larger diameter inlet tubes that are smoother and allow air to move into your engine faster and with more volume. They also feature reusable filters that are a larger, conical design and facilitate increased airflow. Each of these kits feature a bolt-on design that requires no modifications and include all hardware necessary for installation. The top manufacturers are K&N, Volant, AEM, S&B, and AIRAID. Let’s take a look at the systems.

Corsa Factory Tour

Everybody claims their truck accessories are the best, right? Read through any product brochure or advertisement and you’ll find a lot of fluff words and bogus terminology like; “cutting-edge,” “revolutionary” and “state-of-the-art.” But, every once in a while, a company comes along that can actually back up its words with truly innovative products. One prime example of such a company is Corsa Performance Exhaust.

K&N 77-Series Installation

Anything that restricts the flow of oxygen to your vehicle’s engine is detrimental to the potential power it can create. Therefore, anything you can do to reduce or eliminate those restrictions works to improve the efficiency of your engine, which adds horsepower, torque and even improves fuel economy.

Max Energy for Max Pulling

Performance is a topic that's constantly on the mind of virtually every truck and SUV owner. Some of us want more pulling power for towing and hauling while others are looking for more power for hill climbing and faster acceleration.

K&N Performance Products

At Stylin’ Trucks, we feel that informed truck enthusiasts are the best kind. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful primer for you about K&N’s products. Some quick background on K&N: They’ve been in the industry for over 35 years, they have an extensive product line that covers everything from big rigs to jet skis...

F150 Sweepstakes Spoiler

This week we’ll start work on our first sweepstakes truck of 2006, a brand-spanking-new Ford F-150. And when we say “new,” we mean “base-model new.” Stylin’ Trucks has two warehouses full of goodies to take this off-the-shelf Ford to Stylin’ stardom.

Customer's Rides: Steve Wood's 2004 Ford F-150

By the time Steve picked his truck up in April of 2004, his garage was stocked with all of the F150 truck accessories he could ever want. (Ok, that’s an exaggeration; you can never have enough F150 accessories!)

F-150 Roush Supercharger Installation

Our quest to build the baddest truck to give away for our 2005 sweepstakes started with a stock F150 Crew Cab.  It ended with the installation of a Roush F-150 Supercharger kit!

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How can I start saving gas?
Your engine creates power by burning fuel. The amount of fuel your engine burns is directly connected to your vehicle's accelerator, and how you use it has a major impact on gas mileage.

Fast acceleration and speeding use more fuel than consistent, conservative driving. Anticipating traffic patterns, maintaining suggested speed limits (including the use of cruise control) and going easy on the throttle on acceleration improve mileage instantly. Log your mileage, adjust your driving and check the results; you might be pleasantly surprised.

 I want to put a grille on my truck. Are bolt over or cut out grilles better?
That's a personal choice depending on what you're looking for. Bolt over grille inserts are easy to install and look good; however, you will see some of the factory shell through the openings of the insert. With a cut-out grille, you get a cleaner more custom look. The grille shell must be removed and the center cut out. The new insert then replaces the factory center. Carriage Works and TRENZ offer both styles so you can choose.

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