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Jeff's Body-Dropped Nissan Hardbody

2009 Stylin' Trucks High & Low Truck Show Interview: Jeff shows off his 1995 Nissan Hardbody pickup to Julisa, our host from The Ohio Center for Broadcasting. This bad boy is body-dropped and lays rocker, check out the video interview...

Aaron's 1991 Chevrolet Blazer Tucks 24-inch Wheels

Aaron shows off his badass 1991 Chevrolet Blazer. It sits on a 36v hydraulic suspension system and tucks 24" wheels. Nice! Check out the text, the pictures and the video interview...

George's Body-Dropped 1995 Chevy S10

Check in on this exclusive Stylin' Trucks 2009 High & Low Truck Show video interview. Stylin' Danielle interviews George Lee about his 1995 Chevrolet S10. It features a full air-ride suspension, a motorized tonneau cover and the thing is body dropped. A true custom!

Check out the article, video and pictures...

Danielle Interviews Jason from Advantage Truck Accessories

2009 Stylin' Trucks High & Low Truck Show Video Coverage!
Danielle, one of three video hosts from The Ohio Center for Broadcasting interviews Jason, a representative from Advantage Truck Accessories.

Dodge Dakota Suicide Door Hinge Install!

Follow along as Auto-Body Instructor Matt O'Konowitz and some Ohio Technical College students install a set of suicide doors onto our 2000 Dodge Dakota. In part one of this article, the instructor and his students get most of the fabrication and installation work completed on the passenger side.

Stylin Trucks and Ohio Technical College Join Up At The 2010 Cleveland Auto-Rama

Spring is in the air, and in Cleveland, Ohio, that means that the Auto-Rama must be at the I-X Center.  On March 19-21, the 45th annual Federated Auto-Rama was host to more than 200 hot rods, pick ups, motorcycles and the Batmobile… record crowds embarked upon the 280,000 square feet facility to see some of the most spectacular vehicles in the mid west.

LSD Doors Lambo Door Hinge Kit Installation

What's more custom than a flying set of Lambo doors? That's right, nothing. That's why we decided to put a set on our custom 2006 Chevrolet Colorado. The rig was already a poster truck for Goodmark Hoods and Skyjacker Suspension, so why not add another great vendor to the line: LSD Doors. Follow along as we install a set...

Stylin’ Trucks And OTC A Perfect Fit

It all started last spring when Ohio Technical College (OTC) advertised an open house of their campus located in downtown Cleveland.  Will Mahoney, Mike Freeze and Tom Mattey took the 20-minute drive up I-77 and found a true hidden gem in the inter-city. On the outside, OTC is “a private, accredited post-secondary technical college specializing in modern and future mechanics for the automotive and diesel sectors.” But once you get in those doors, it is diamond plated, Hot Wheels collectin’, automotive movie posters hangin’, neon for miles haven for the automotive lover in all of us.

2010 Cleveland Auto Show

When the inviting smell of new car hits the I-X Center near the Cleveland International Airport, you know it’s time for the Cleveland Auto Show. For us in Northeastern Ohio, this event marks the start of the spring selling season.

How to Sign Up for the Stylin Trucks Twitter Page

We know, we know... Stylin' Trucks is the source for all things trucks. So why are we showing you a page on Twitter? Well, we do have a Twitter page (, and we are all about hearing from you. But we understand with everything getting tech in this world, things might be a tad bit confusing. But don't fret, that's where the truck experts come in. But for right now, consider this a "tech" learning experience.

With SEMA Comes New Products

The SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world (not open to the general public). More than 100,000 automotive professionals will attend the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas November 3-6.

What was your favorite truck show this year?

We, at Sytlin’, want to take some time from sweeping away the maples so our experts’ and friends’ could reflect on what shows made their eyes pop and tails wag.

Tonneau Cover Styles

No matter who the manufacturer is, or what style tonneau, most any truck bed cover offers weather-resistant cargo protection and gas savings. The following guide is designed to help you choose the right tonneau cover to meet your needs.

You and 20 million of your best friends.

Not sure what September means to you, but in Ohio, it means FOOTBALL…and that means TAILGATING.  This month, we have Bret Favre making his 23rd un-retirement debut at Cleveland Browns Stadium and the ESPN College Gameday crew heading to Columbus for the rematch of USC and Ohio State.

Stylin' Rolls to The Woodward Dream Cruise

The sluggish economy could not put a damper on the annual weekend ritual. The bumper-to-bumper traffic jam along the city’s main street, Woodward Avenue, featured an endless parade of various classic cars, trucks and other automobile treats.

Cut-Out Grille vs. Bolt-Over Grille

Hopefully you already read our article about the different types of truck grilles and picked out a real winner. Now you want to know about installation - really there are just two kinds: Bolt-Over and Cut-Out.

Read on as we talk about the different styles of installation...

Grille Styles - What you need to know.

You've already made the decision to get an aftermarket grille for your truck or SUV. It's going to look killer and really boost the street cred of your ride, but which one do you choose? Read along and we'll walk you though some common design choices as well as a few oddball selections.

Truck Hood Buying Guide

Purchasing a custom hood for your truck is probably one of the easiest decisions you can make. Exactly which hood to buy is another story.

Bed Rug Installation

Our friends from Bed Rug show how to cover your bed.

Handle Relocators Installation

Our friends from Sir Michael's give us a hand.

Detailing Myths Exposed!

Unfortunately there are many myths when it comes to car care products and activities. Here are twelve common practices that can cause all of your hard work trying to maintain your car's appearance a waste of time.

Sprucing up that bed!

Summer makes me want to clean my bed. Yeah, I like to clean my bed about once a year. My truck bed I mean...

All About Exterior Accessories

Summer is upon us and that means thoughts of cruisin down the highway and hanging out with friends. But you want a good-looking truck while doing this, right? Right here we've got the best exterior dress-up accessories that money can buy...

Detailing your Truck or SUV - the Stylin' Way!

It's true that April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring dreams of sunny days spent cruising down the highway. Weekends at the truck show, with good tunes and better friends. Or maybe it's just looking good when you're running around town. Either way, you want a good-looking truck. A truck that's clean, a truck that shines. A truck that turns heads. Read on...

Havoc East - 2008

The first weekend in August was the perfect timing for this year's 2008 Havoc - East. Bowling Green, Kentucky boasted perfect weather and the Beech Bend Raceway was packed to the gills with custom metal.  Read more...

Fokis on Fire IV - Show Coverage!

Sunday, July 26th sure was a hot day in Massillon, Ohio. With local temperatures in the mid-80s, and crazy humidity to back it up, Ohio's sticky summer heat kept most people locked up in the air conditioning. But those brave souls who went out to endure the heat were greeted with a wonderful sight, the fourth annual Fokis on Fire Benefit Car Show and Chicken BBQ. Read on...

Pace Edwards Full Metal JackRabbit F.A.Q.

How does the Full Metal JackRabbit work?
The Full-Metal JackRabbit cover slides along rails mounted to the sides of the truck bed into a canister at the front of the truck bed. The Full-Metal JackRabbit blanket rolls around a reel inside the canister with the help of a coil spring which maintains tension on the cover at all times making it easy to open. The canister measures 9.6” wide by 9.66” high.

Wanna know more? Read on...

Pace Edwards JackRabbit F.A.Q.

How does the JackRabbit work?
The JackRabbit cover slides along rails mounted to the sides of the truck bed into a canister at the front of the truck bed. The JackRabbit blanket rolls around a reel inside the canister with the help of a coil spring which maintains tension on the cover at all times making it easy to open.

Wanna know more? Read on...

Pace Edwards Tonneau Cover FAQ

How does the Bedlocker work?
The Pace Edwards Bedlocker tonneau cover is powered by an electric motor that opens and closes the cover. The motor and tonneau are housed in the "canister" at the front of the bed. The motor opens or closes the cover, sliding it along rails fastened to the truck bed. You control this movement via a remote control.

Wanna know more? Read on...

SmartWax Auto Detailing Products

SmartWax auto detailing products are some of the best on the market and they are now available at Stylin' Trucks. Waterless wash, clay bars, polishers and cleaners, carpet shampoo and leather conditioner, and various other products to bring a shine or sparkle to chrome, paint, plastic, rubber, or anything else you want to rub it on. SmartWax has it all.   Let's check out a few of our favorites!

Deer Crossing!

Ryan Nossal has made working on cars and trucks his life. Not only is he a sales rep at Stylin’ Trucks, he also does body work for friends and family in his garage. Of course working on his own truck is always top priority.

Westin Bull Bar Installation

The installation of Westin's Bull Bar (and any of Westin's products) is as simple as can be. Just like most of Westin's products, this item is completely bolt-on and requires no drilling. Instructions are included in the box and are also available for download directly from Stylin' Trucks' site. Let's check it out...

Putco Door Handle Information/Installation Video

Follow along as Stylin's own Will goes over the features of Putco's Chrome ABS Door Handle Covers. They have a simple, stick-on installation and come factory backed with a lifetime warranty.

Westin Oval Tube Step Installation

When thinking about the highest quality truck accessories, what name comes to mind? Is it Westin? It should be. Westin Automotive has been in business for over 30 years and is the industry leader in aftermarket step products, grille and brush guards, and cargo management. Let's check out the installation of a set of Westin Oval Tube Steps...

2007 Fall Buying Guide

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are starting to change and the snow will be here before you know it. Oh well, fall and winter have their perks too, pumpkin patches, Thanksgiving turkey, skiing…and of course lots of cool accessories for your truck or SUV!

The New…Hot Looks & Awesome Functionality.

We wanted to make it easier for you to find the exact products you need to make your truck or SUV look good and go fast! That’s why we launched the brand spankin’ new with some awesome features not seen on any other truck accessory website.

Herculiner Bed Coating F.A.Q.

Herculiner is one of the most popular do-it-yourself truck modifications on the planet.  The tough polyurethane and rubber coating will protect your truck's bed from dings, dents, scratches, rust, solvents and just about anything else you can throw at it.  Take a look at some common questions people have about this revolutionary product, as well as their corresponding answers.

Anthony Grosser's 1989 Cherokee

If Anthony Grosser, a call center coach at Stylin’ Trucks, could be doing anything, off-roading would be the first thing on his list. In his mind, the only vehicle for this rugged sport is a Jeep, particularly his pride and joy, an ’89 Jeep XJ Cherokee.

Anthony Grosser's 1989 Jeep XJ Cherokee

If Anthony Grosser, a call center coach at Stylin’ Concepts, could be doing anything, off-roading would be the first thing on his list. In his mind, the only vehicle for this rugged sport is a Jeep, particularly his pride and joy, an ’89 Jeep XJ Cherokee.

Anthony Grosser's 1989 Jeep XJ Cherokee

If Anthony Grosser, a call center coach at Stylin’ Concepts, could be doing anything, off-roading would be the first thing on his list. In his mind, the only vehicle for this rugged sport is a Jeep, particularly his pride and joy, an ’89 Jeep XJ Cherokee.

Cargo Carriers for Summer

Planning a road trip, a big move or just lots of household projects this summer? Then get organized with Stylin’ Trucks’ space & time saving cargo products.

2007 Cleveland Auto Show, Part II

Welcome to Part II of the Stylin' Trucks show review for the Cleveland Auto Show. If you haven't seen it already, make sure you check out Cleveland Auto Show, Part I where we talk about the show and some of the special events that were there.

2007 Cleveland Auto Show

The Cleveland Auto Show goes way back to 1903. Now, we don’t have any attendance numbers from that first show, but I’m guessing that it was just three guys standing around looking at “one o’ them new fangled auto-mo-beels.” Ok, maybe that’s not the case, but it could be, it could be…

License Plate Retractor Kit

Hide your license plate or TVs virtually anywhere with this motorized license plate retractor kit.

2006 Carlisle All Truck Nationals, Part III

Welcome to the last installment of the Carlisle All Truck Nationals show coverage. In case you missed it, the 2006 Carlisle All Truck Nationals happened on the weekend of August 4-6th, 2006. But don't fret, the Stylin' Trucks truck show photo team was on the case.

2006 Carlisle All Truck Nationals, Part II

Welcome to part II of the Carlisle All Truck Nationals. (Click here for part I or part III) In this installment we continue to look at some of the custom trucks that were featured at the show. There are many truck and SUVs that came with lots and lots of truck accessories installed.

2006 Carlisle All Truck Nationals, Part I

In case you missed it, the 2006 Carlisle All Truck Nationals happened on the weekend of August 4-6th, 2006. But don't fret, the Stylin' Concepts truck show photo team was on the case. We've got plenty of show coverage...

Tips For Taking Photos

If you are interested in taking photos of your truck or SUV and sending them to us please read this. You'll find some useful hints and tips for taking pictures that will turn out great. In order for us to use your pics on our website they need to very high quality and this is where you can find out what we are looking for.

Colorado 3rd Brake Light Installation

Truck accessories come in many colors and flavors. Most people go for the obvious accessories for their truck, like a billet grille or an intake system. Too often, what a lot of people don't think about are the little truck accessories, like billet antennas or emblems, chrome door handles or kick plates, and even billet 3rd brake light covers.

Polishing Your Billet Grille

Learn how to polish your billet grill in just a few easy steps. The process can be done with just few supplies and the finished product looks great.

2006 Owensboro Super Truck Nationals

Established in 1817, Owensboro, Kentucky, is the state's third largest city and is nestled scenically along the southern bank of the Ohio River. Not only is it the retail, industrial, and healthcare portal of the state, this historic city also hosts one of the best classic and custom truck shows in the midwest, the Owensboro Super Truck Nationals.

Cut-Out Grill vs. Bolt-Over Grill

Whether you’re going all-out custom or you simply want to stand out at the shopping center, all truck and SUV owners can agree on one thing: no vehicle should ever suffer the embarrassment of wearing a plain-old stock grill.

American Pride Truck Accessory Guide!

The fourth of July is one of America's favorite national holidays and reminds us at Stylin' Trucks of some wonderful things: Hot dogs, great weather, fireworks, freedom, and hot truck accessories!

Truck Accessories that your truck from Mild to Wild!

You want a sporty looking ride? Look inside for a comprehensive look at the products you'll need to take to your truck to the next level.

2006 Cleveland CarQuest Auto-Rama, Part II

Welcome to Part II of our review of the Cleveland CarQuest Auto-Rama. If you haven't seen it yet, you may be interested in 2006 Cleveland CarQuest Auto-Rama Part I, where we look at some of the beautiful trucks out in the parking lot of the event.

2006 Cleveland CarQuest Auto-Rama

There were plenty of custom vehicles. We saw a really slick Ford F350 Super Duty that was slammed, a lifted F250 with Big Rig exhaust, and many trucks with billet grilles...

RDX Grille Shell Install

Watch as we install an RDX Grille Shell kit on a 2005 Dodge Ram. This step by step installation process shows exactly how easy it was to install the new grille shell. And, wow, what a dramatic difference it made on this truck.

Complete Silverado Facelift In 1 Hour (or less).

Give your Silverado a facelift with a Street Scene Speed Grille, chrome emblem, and a set of clear corner lenses from In-Pro Car Wear. Follow us as we walk through the installation.

Grille Kit vs. Grille Insert

If you are interested in buying a new Grille Kit for your truck or SUV, then you have come to the right place. We will be discussing the difference between a Grille Kit and a Grille Insert as well as Grille Kit options and common uses.

Window Visor and Hood Guard Installation on a 2005 F150

New and hot products come and go all the time. Some products, like hood guards and window visors, stand the test of time, and there’s a very good reason for it. A good quality hood guard and set of window visors on your ride not only look good, but they have a practical purpose as well: convenience and protection.

Choosing The Right Tonneau Cover

At Stylin' Trucks, we recognize that there are are many tonneau covers to choose from. We also realize that selecting the right bed cover for your truck may be a bit overwhelming. But don't fret - we'll break it down nice and easy for you.

Too Hot To Handle

At Stylin’ Trucks, we also have an affinity for chrome and polished trim. So, when the Stylin’ build team was putting together its hot rod inspired ’05 Tahoe giveaway SUV; a set of polished handles and matching buckets was the obvious choice. Check out figures 1 – 10 and see how easy these handles are to install.

Custom Truck Facelift

The shelf life of a custom truck - much like the shelf life of a supermodel - is short at best. In fact, when you think about it, it’s funny how the custom truck world parallels the world of high fashion. One minute you’re the hottest thing on the block, gracing the pages of magazines, getting noticed wherever you go and being envied by your peers – and the next minute, you’re searching for ways to maintain your looks and keep yourself in the game.

Bumper Covers vs. Airdams

Nowadays, the top choice of most truck owners is the smooth, clean look of a custom bumper cover or air dam. And, because they’re easy to install, ready-to-paint and come in such a huge variety of styles; enthusiasts of virtually all skill levels can get the job done on their own.

Nerf Bars, Step Bars, and Tube Steps

In addition to the fact that they make vehicle entry easier, nerf bars add to your truck's aggressive attitude. Nerf bars fill the gap between the ground and your vehicle's rocker panel; creating an illusion that your truck stands taller than it actually does. Combine step bars with a suspension lift and/or body lift kit and we're talking serious intimidation.

Building A Functional & Reliable Custom Truck

When it comes to custom trucks, we all have our own ideas about what's hot and what's not. But, whether you're into frame-draggin' lowered trucks, sky-high lifted trucks or anything in between, there's one thing we can all agree upon: dependability matters.

Changing the Face of the New F150: Installing a Cut-out Grille

There are advantages and disadvantages to driving one of the best-selling trucks on the road. On the good side, you know you're getting a rugged, dependable truck that'll handle just about any abuse you can dish out; but, on the bad side, you can't drive more than a mile without seeing five trucks that look exactly like yours.

Soft Tonneau Covers - A Buying Guide

Maybe you’re not sure about buying a soft tonneau cover because you don’t know how to install it. Or maybe you're concerned with the investment or not sure what style to buy. Those are all great thoughts to have. But we’re here to let you know that it’s not hard, expensive, or complicated to purchase a soft tonneau cover.  Read on...

Grille Inserts: Everything you need to know...

At Stylin’ Trucks, we think that putting a replacement grille insert on your truck or SUV is one of the easiest things you can do to really spruce up the front of your truck. We also know that there are a lot of options for grille inserts and deciding on one can be tough. Just read on and see the options for yourself.

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How can I start saving gas?
Your engine creates power by burning fuel. The amount of fuel your engine burns is directly connected to your vehicle's accelerator, and how you use it has a major impact on gas mileage.

Fast acceleration and speeding use more fuel than consistent, conservative driving. Anticipating traffic patterns, maintaining suggested speed limits (including the use of cruise control) and going easy on the throttle on acceleration improve mileage instantly. Log your mileage, adjust your driving and check the results; you might be pleasantly surprised.

 I want to put a grille on my truck. Are bolt over or cut out grilles better?
That's a personal choice depending on what you're looking for. Bolt over grille inserts are easy to install and look good; however, you will see some of the factory shell through the openings of the insert. With a cut-out grille, you get a cleaner more custom look. The grille shell must be removed and the center cut out. The new insert then replaces the factory center. Carriage Works and TRENZ offer both styles so you can choose.

More Mike the Mechanic Q&A>>

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