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BCS Team Name Origins

If you've ever sat down to enjoy a BCS bowl game and wondered, "What the hell is a Buckeye?" - then you are not alone. The 10 BSC teams have pretty unique names - let's go down the list and see where they got their unique names.

Pro Grade Tools - Quality at an affordable price

Right now our Pro Grade Tool sale is just starting (20% off, by the way). We here at Stylin' Trucks thought it would be a great idea to tell you about Pro Grade Tools.

Finding the Right Tool

It’s not too hard to walk the halls of Stylin' Trucks to find someone who knows a thing or two about turning wrenches.
Most importantly, they understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. We ask a few experienced technicians for their advice on what makes the right tool.

Mancave construction

As a DIYer, you know how important it is for a mad scientist such as yourself to have an adequate laboratory to perform your custom truck magic. While you call your garage a lab, others might refer to it as your man cave or utopia.

EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating

So you have a beautiful garage. But what condition is the floor in? The floor is the last thing that people think to upgrade in their garage. It is cold, dusty, dirty, and stained. Show of hands: how many people reading this have to lie on scrap carpet or cardboard when working in the garage? Well no more!!

How To Bleed Your Brakes The Baer Way

A Bear Brake how-to on bleeding your brake system effectively. Their tips, suggestions and a walk through of the process.

Detailing Tips From The Pros

Caring for and maintaining the appearance of your truck or SUV is just as important to the overall impression your vehicle makes as the custom accessories you buy. When your paint sparkles, your wheels glisten and your interior is spotless and clutter-free; people WILL notice.

Gifts for Mom

Warm hugs, hot cocoa after playing in the snow and daily reminders to wash behind your ears. Those are the things that make Moms important. As you start to get into your older years, you realize that all the nagging and reminding you over, and over, and over to wash your hands was actually worth it. Pay her back with great truck accessories.

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How can I start saving gas?
Your engine creates power by burning fuel. The amount of fuel your engine burns is directly connected to your vehicle's accelerator, and how you use it has a major impact on gas mileage.

Fast acceleration and speeding use more fuel than consistent, conservative driving. Anticipating traffic patterns, maintaining suggested speed limits (including the use of cruise control) and going easy on the throttle on acceleration improve mileage instantly. Log your mileage, adjust your driving and check the results; you might be pleasantly surprised.

 I want to put a grille on my truck. Are bolt over or cut out grilles better?
That's a personal choice depending on what you're looking for. Bolt over grille inserts are easy to install and look good; however, you will see some of the factory shell through the openings of the insert. With a cut-out grille, you get a cleaner more custom look. The grille shell must be removed and the center cut out. The new insert then replaces the factory center. Carriage Works and TRENZ offer both styles so you can choose.

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