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Deer Crossing!

Ryan Nossal's 2005 Chevy Silverado

Ryan Nossal has made working with cars and trucks his life. Not only is he a sales rep at Stylin’ Trucks, he also does body work for friends and family in his garage. Of course working on his own truck is always top priority.

It’s particularly good that he does body work because his 2005 Chevy Silverado has a habit of bumping off deer on its way home from Stylin’... four collisons to be exact! Maybe he needs to invest in a Hornet deer alert avoidance system.

Ryan also likes shooting pool, camping and just partying in general. But getting back to his most important hobby, Ryan has a number of modifications that make his truck worthy of a nice mention on Stylin’s website.

The Lower the Truck, the Bigger the Attitude…

Ryan likes to ride low. His truck is a 4-wheel drive with 2” DJM shackles for the rear and the front is lowered by torsion bars. He is eventually going to air bag the rear to improve handling and height flexibility.

Good vs. Evil

The rest of the exterior sports just as much attitude. The top is painted sport metallic red and the bottom is painted pearl white. Hmm…seems to reflect his dual devilish and angelic personalities!

Adding a little piece of heaven to his truck, he also made his own headlights with white angel eyes and will soon have dual projectors with strobe lights. The mirror covers are also a clean, crisp white.

A full-face billet grille, brush guard, Reflexxion cowl induction hood and a hood scoop, on the other hand, create a badass, rugged-looking front end.

Ryan’s truck also has a sweet behind. He has a Street Scen urethane roll pan,  IPCW LED taillights, a Bully third brake light as well as a back-up camera to avoid running over anymore kids in his driveway. (Just kidding, Ryan!)

Mobile Entertainment

But as any enthusiast knows, the interior needs to make a statement as well. After all, it’s what the driver and his passengers see most of the time.

Sticking to the two-tone look that works so well for the outside of his truck, he also has a sport metallic and pearl white dash kit.

Ryan took it a step further and created a mobile entertainment center, complete with 13” flip-down TV and a 7” in-dash screen. He will soon have four more TVs and some subs in a custom-built box. I’m thinking he needs to host movie night in his truck. Sounds like a chic magnet to me!

Performance is Key!

Creating a hot look is obviously important, but what it really comes down to how well a truck performs. Ryan has a 5.3L engine with a Volant air intake and stainless headers to improve horsepower and torque.

Another example of Ryan’s ying/yang approach to truck customizations, he also has a Corsa Performance exhaust, which provides superior performance and sound on acceleration, but is as quiet as a mouse when cruising.

He will soon be adding a supercharger to further increase horsepower…as well as the jealousy from his friends!

Ryan dreams of the new concept Silverado if it ever comes to market, a 2009 Camaro or an Austin Martin. Although I must say, his ’05 Silverado is pretty impressive in its own right.

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