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Stylin' Trucks' 2006 Truck Show Videos

The morning of September 10th, 2006 started early for many Stylin’ employees, for it was the day of the fourth annual Stylin’ Trucks High & Low Truck Show.

As a cool morning breeze blew across the land and dark, ominous clouds rolled overhead, the Stylin’ Trucks truck show team was hard at work. The earliest risers arrived at 7:30am. Bleary-eyed, but excited, they began preparations for the day.

Parking spots were numbered, one by one, with large pink sidewalk chalk. A black Pro Comp banner was hung between two trees on the lawn, marking off a boundary for the Corn Toss court that was being assembled. After the canopy was erected, the registration table was set up and the trophies were laid out. As the food vendor began assembling their grill, ketchup, mustard, and relish bottles were lined up neatly on the serving tables.

Meanwhile, a team of mechanics from Skuza Motorsports unloaded their asphalt-eating funny car and the Skyjacker road crew opened up their semi and let two lifted show trucks out to play.

Before we knew it, the trucks started arriving. Stacked in line up Pleasant Valley Road like a parade celebrating sheet metal mods and burned rubber, they entered the parking lot. The hiss of valves, the low droning of air compressors and the screech of pavement dragged metal were the soundtracks of the morning. After backing into their parking spots the show contestants made their way to the registration table to sign on the dotted line.

Back in the warehouse, the sales team was gearing up for a hot day of wheelin’ and dealin’. Step bars, hoods, tonneau covers, grilles, wheel and tire packages, many great truck accessories were laid out and priced to move.

The Sun came out to play, the DJ was blasting tunes, the trucks were being judged and the Corn Toss tournament was well under way. The day was turning out to be great.

Just after lunch, Dean Skuza and his team of mechanics put on a great show for the crowd when they fired up their nitro funny car and blasted the throttle open. “Whoa,” remarked one nearby attendee. “That - was - AWESOME!”

Then the next thing you notice is that it’s trophy time. While the crowd looked on, winners were called up one by one to claim their prizes. The winners of the Corn Toss tournament were also called up to receive their prize: a custom set of Stylin’ Trucks Corn Toss boards and bags.

After a couple of group shots for the winners, the show attendees filed back to their lead sleds and headed home. Once again, compressors droned, valves hissed and metal scraped pavement as the trucks rolled out of the parking lot and off into the horizon.

Also there were a few Stylin' crew members armed with a video camera and a dream. Here is the end result: The Stylin' Trucks Truck Show Video! For easy viewing online, it has been broken into three pieces. Check them out!!
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
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