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Greg Carlos' 1995 GMC Sierra

1995 GMC Sierra Short Bed

What skill is most important when building a custom truck? Is it welding? How about math, body work, or electrical knowledge? If you ask us, it's the ability to picture exactly how the car or truck should look and then put that thought into action. And that is what Greg Carlos, the owner of this slick 1995 GMC Sierra, brings to the table; Vision.

After a brief stint in the Army back in the '70s, Greg came back to the civilian world with a blast, building 9-second drag cars and high-horsepower drag racing boats thoughout the 1980s.

Greg isn't the only one in his family who has an interest in custom vehicles. He built a lowered Chevy S10 Blazer for his daughter Amanda, and has this to say about his wife, "I've been married for 33 years. If it wasn't for my wife, Carol, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I have. It's a great life."

What plans does he have in-store for the coming years?  Aside from the trick GMC pictured here, Greg rolls with a custom 2006 Chrysler 300C that's lowered and glides around on double-deuces.  He plans on dropping a badass LS1 or LS2 into the GMC in the near future and has thoughts on customizing something a little older next, "I'd probably say I'd like to build a very cool 65-67 Impala next."

Greg also belongs to a local car club, the Fun Runners, and sits on the committee for one of the largest car shows in Missouri, the Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals.  The car show's history goes back 18 years and gets bigger every year. "Last year we had almost 700 cars, trucks, street rods and bikes. Its really a good show," Greg said. Keep a spot open on your calendar, the next show is early May, 2007.

With a collection that has included four purpose-built drag cars, two Pro Street cars, lowered pickups, old-school muscle and even drag boats, Greg Carlos isn't shy about playing favorites. "I'll always have a lowered truck in my garage."

Greg wants to thank the following people for helping with his slick truck: Jim's Pro Auto, Precision Auto, Billy Hunter for doing the hood and tailgate, Dan from Gel Pro Fiberglass for doing the tonneau cover, and Jay from Straightline Upholstery for covering the custom-built center console.

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1996 GMC Sierra 1996 GMC Sierra


  • NPI Black Carpet
  • Driver FX Bucket Racing Seats
  • Polished Turn Signal Cover
  • Custom-built Center Console With 8" Bazooka Bass Tube.
  • Pioneer 3800 CD 200 Watt Head Unit
  • Two 500 Watt Sound Storm Amps
  • Memphis Audio Door Speakers
  • Memphis Audio 3 1/2" speakers mounted in Eddie Marine deck gauge pods
1996 GMC Sierra 1996 GMC Sierra

Suspension/Wheels & Tires:

1996 GMC Sierra 1996 GMC Sierra


1996 GMC Sierra 1996 GMC Sierra


1996 GMC Sierra 1996 GMC Sierra


1996 GMC Sierra 1996 GMC Sierra
1996 GMC Sierra


Greg has added an SS-style bumper cover from Street Scene, as well as the matching Street Scene speed grilles for the bumper and the main grille. Keep up the good work, Greg.
1996 GMC Sierra 1996 GMC Sierra
1996 GMC Sierra 1996 GMC Sierra
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