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High-4 Headlight Kit Installation

Picture this; you’re driving down some back stretch of road that you’re not familiar with. It’s dark out, really dark, and there are no street lights. Like most people, you kick on your high-beams to light the way. But when turning on your high-beams, did you know that your low-beams turn off? They do. But there is a secret trick that keeps your high-beams on with your low-beams. Now if you’re not familiar with the mechanics of the venerable High-beam/Low-Beam trick, I’ll walk you through it:
1. First, turn on your headlights.

2. Next, pull back on your turn signal lever to engage your high-beams.

3. Last, keep the lever pulled back and you will have high-beams and low-beams on at the same time.

Having high-beams and low-beams on at the same time is advantageous because you are putting twice as much light on the road. You have the long range lighting that your high-beams allow but you also have the short range and peripheral light supplied by your low beams. Now that I’ve told you about this secret maneuver, I’m about to show you just how obsolete it is.

The Goods
There is a product on the market called the High-4 Headlight Kit. You may not know about it because it doesn’t have all the glitz and glamour of projector headlights or a custom flamed paint job, but it is one of the best truck accessories to come across our desks in a long time. Essentially, it performs the high-beam/low-beam trick for you. You just attach a couple of wires to your headlights and when you turn your high-beams on your low-beams stay on as well.

The Installation
As is the case when making any modifications to your vehicle, the first step is to disconnect the negative battery cable. Okay, with safety out of the way, let’s get down to business. Pull up on the two retainer clips holding the driver’s side headlamp in place and carefully remove the headlight assembly.

Next, use the supplied self-tapping screws to mount the relay and fuse holder to the radiator support behind the headlight. The black ground wire in the kit also attaches to this mounting point. Use pliers to clamp the red T-taps to the purple wire and the yellow wire on the back of your headlamp. These connect to the corresponding purple wire and yellow wire attached to the High-4 Headlight Kit relay. The last connection is another T-tap that unites the brown wire from the parking lamp and the brown wire from the High-4 Headlight Kit relay. Put your headlights back into place, lock down the retainer clips, and you’re done!

Hand Polished Tips
1. Pull up on the two retainer clips to release the S10's headlight.
Mandrel Pipe Bender
2. Slightly lift and pull the S-10 headlight assembly to remove it.
Hand Polished Tips
3. Drill a small mounting hole for the High-4 unit on the S10's radiator support, behind the driver side headlight. Self-tapping screws can be used instead.
Mandrel Pipe Bender
4. This is the High-4 Relay and fuse holder.
Hand Polished Tips
5. Mount the Relay to the radiator support.
Mandrel Pipe Bender
6. Clip the T-tap to the purple wire.
Hand Polished Tips
7. If needed, you can use pliers to snap the T-taps closed.
Mandrel Pipe Bender
8. Clip the T-tap to the yellow wire. This procedure is repeated for the brown power wire on the parking lamp unit.
Mandrel Pipe Bender
9. As per the instructions, plug the purple wires together.
Mandrel Pipe Bender
10. Plug the yellow wires together.
Mandrel Pipe Bender
11. Plug the brown wires together.
Hand Polished Tips
12. Slide the S-10's headlight back into place.
Mandrel Pipe Bender
13. Secure the retaining clips and you're done!
Hand Polished Tips
14. Here is the truck with the low beams on.
Mandrel Pipe Bender
15. Here are the high beams.
Hand Polished Tips
Here is the truck with the High-4 headlight unit in use. Notice that the High-Beams and Low-Beams are both on. Nice!

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