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Too Hot To Handle

Billet Door Handle Installation

I don’t know about you, but if I hear the word “bling” to describe truck parts ever again – I’m gonna flip. For the past three years everything has been bling-this and bling-that. When did everything that’s shiny, polished or chrome become bling? Join me in helping stop the use of the word “bling” before the folks at Webster stick it in the next edition of the English Dictionary.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I can’t stand the word “bling”, I still love seeing trucks and SUVs decked out with chrome and polished goodies for that old-school, hot rod look. A quick and easy place to start is with the door handles. There are literally hundreds of different styles to choose from, so no matter what the theme of your vehicle, there’s a set of handles that matches.

In addition to the vast array of styles available, there are also several different ways you can get the look. Custom truck purists prefer replacing the stock handles with billet handles. Certain vehicles even offer you the option of replacing your stock handle buckets with billet or chrome pieces for a clean, classic look. Many companies, like Putco, also offer chrome-plated handle covers that install directly over your factory handles. These self-adhesive covers are the fast, easy alternative to replacing your handles, and are perfect for a quick dress up.

At Stylin’ Trucks, we also have an affinity for chrome and polished truck accessories. So, when the Stylin’ build team was putting together its hot rod inspired ’05 Tahoe giveaway SUV; a set of polished handles and matching buckets was the obvious choice. Check out figures 1 – 10 and see how easy these handles are to install.

Factory Door Handle
1. The factory door handle.
Remove Door Panel
2. Carefully remove door panel fasteners.
Remove Door Panel
3. Lift door panel upward and back. Be sure to disconnect any wires.
Remove Protective Plastic
4. Peel back the plastic to gain access to the inside of the door handle.
Unbolt Factory Handle
5. Unbolt factory door handle - save all the original hardware.
Stock Bucket and Billet Bucket
6. Here you can see the difference between the stock and billet bucket.
Transfer Hardware
7. Transfer the factory handle hardware to the new billet handle.
Install New Billet Handle
8. Reinstall the new billet door handle the same way you removed the stock handle. Test that they are working properly.
Replace Door Panel
9. Replace the door panel in reverse of how it came off.
The New Door Handles Look Great
10. You're done!

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