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Magic Carpet Ride

The 88-98 Chevy/GMC C/K trucks are real work horses. Unfortunately, many of these trucks were really put through the wringer – serving as work trucks, daily transportation or worse. However, for the builder on a budget, these trucks provide a solid foundation for building and customization. With the wide variety of aftermarket truck accessories available, the possibilities for the tried-and-true C/K are endless. But, finding a truck that’s clean both inside and out can be challenging.

Fortunately for us, the folks at Nifty Products make pre-cut and pre-formed OE-style carpet that magically transforms your interior from drab to fab. Don’t worry. They don’t just make it for the C/K. You can get this “magic” carpet for virtually any truck or SUV you drive.

Nifty’s custom-fit molded carpet is pre-formed to fit your vehicle’s floor for a tight fit and clean look you’d swear was factory installed. The back of the carpet comes pre-marked (or even pre-cut for some models) with all the necessary holes for shifters, seat brackets and whatever else might be poking up from the floor of your truck or SUV. Nifty’s replacement carpet is the perfect way to add carpet to vehicles that didn’t come with it from the factory and provides a great way rejuvenating a tired, worn out interior. In the case of our C/K, we’ll be shooting for the latter.

As you can see, between the carpet and a set of factory bucket seats we picked up from the junkyard; our C/K is well on its way down the road to recovery. Check out the before and after images to see what a dramatic difference this carpet makes, and check out the install shots to see just how easy this carpet goes in.

Before Carpet Installation
1. Stock interior before installation.
Stock Floor Covering
2. A look inside our '89 Chevy shows a well worn floor and tattered bench seat.
Bench Seat Bolts
3. Remove all the bolts that hold in the bench seat.
Remove Seat
4. Remove the worn, old seat and take it to its new home - the dumpster.
Unbolt Everything From Floor
5. Unbolt anything else that rests on the carpet uncluding the seat belts.
Floor is Cleared
6. When everything is out of the truck, the vinyl is ready to be torn out.
Remove Old Vinyl Covering
7. Lift out the old vinyl and discard it.
Clean And Treat For Rust
8. With the vinyl out, clean and repair or paint any rust that may exist.
Lay New Carpet
9. Lay down the new carpet and carefully fit it into place.
Trim Around Bolts
10. Carefully cut the carpet around any bolt holes for the seats and belts.
Bolt Down Seats
11. With the carpet down, it's time to bolt in our new seats.
Passenger-Side View
12. Here's a view from the other side.
Bolt in New Seats
13. Bolt the new seats in place and reinstall the seat belts.
The Final View
14. The installation is compete. With the new Street Scene Bucket Seats and Trenz Sill Plates, this rig is ready to roll!

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