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1992 Chevy 1500

A Love of the Classics...

Chris Manis may only be 19 years old, but he has a passion for the classics…cars and trucks that is.  He is a mere eight weeks away from graduating from Ohio Technical College, with the goal of scoring a job restoring classic cars. He also drives a well-preserved ’92 Chevy full-size extended cab, with an 8-foot bed. Yes, that made him four when this car was new. Brat!


“I’ve always gotten great service from Stylin',” Manis said.  “I just wish I had the money to buy all the cool stuff I see!”


He credits Mr. Hess, one of his teachers at OTC, with providing him with the guidance and expertise to take his truck to the next level. “He told me how to install the suicide doors but wouldn’t do it for me. Doing it yourself is the only way you learn, afterall.


“I did learn one thing the hard way though. He told me to be careful of the edges inside the quarter. Of course 5-minutes later, I cut my left hand.  I had to drive an hour home with my 5-speed.   My mom freaked out and took me to the emergency room where I got nine stitches.”


This incident has not wavered Chris’ resourcefulness, however. He created his own hand-formed roll pan, starting with just a flat sheet of metal.  He’s also upgraded to the classy look of billet wiper blades, he just hasn’t installed those yet. 


But Chris has bigger plans in mind and describes his perfect car as his…but done.  Although we all know that a truck is like your house, it’s NEVER done! 


He would prevent body roll with CoolRide by Air Technologies, while riding on badass chrome rims.  A cowl induction hood would add an intimidating aura to this truck. 


Furthering the mystique, Chris would paint entire truck midnight blue and tint his windows.


Also noting the importance of practicality, Chris would add a fiberglass tonneau cover. Hey, they reduce drag and improve your gas mileage while adding a bit of custom style. 


When Chris gets bogged down with lucrative job offers in eight weeks or so, he can make all of his truck dreams come true! 


1992 Chevy 1500
Chris Manis' '92 Chevy 1500.  Vintage never goes out of style! 
Phantom Grille
Check out Chris' brand new Phantom Grille. Oohhh...scary! 
Roll Pan
 Nice job on the custom roll  pan. He's going to be great in his future career!
Suicide Doors
The suicide doors Chris literally put blood, sweat and tears into!

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