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Westin Bull Bar Installation

When thinking about the highest quality truck accessories, what name comes to mind? Is it Westin? It should be. Westin Automotive has been in business for over 30 years and is the industry leader in aftermarket step products, grille and brush guards, and cargo management.

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Westin's Products
Westin's line of truck accessories is second to none. The Bull Bar is a very popular product, and with its killer style it's no wonder. The grille and brush guards are great-looking, accentuating the complicated lines of today's modern pickups. For cargo management, Westin has a line of Bed Extenders that will make you wish you had something to haul. Every Westin product is constructed of high-quality materials and is vehicle specific.

Toyota Tundra

Westin's Product Warranty
Westin carries a Lifetime Warranty on any of its Chrome Plated Stainless (CPS) products and a 5-year warranty on most other products. And that's saying something: Westin is willing to put a Lifetime warranty on a product that sits a mere six inches off of the ground. Dirt, rocks, mud, and road salt are all major truck accessory killers - but not for Westin. The company believes so strongly in its products that it offers this crazy warranty. That's a company that Stylin' Trucks can stand behind - and you should too.

The installation of Westin's Bull Bar (and any of Westin's products) is as simple as can be. Just like most of Westin's products, this item is completely bolt-on and requires no drilling. Instructions are included in the box and are also available for download directly from Stylin' Trucks' site.

Note: This is the author's step-by-step process for installing a Westin Bull Bar. It is not a substitute for the manufacturer's instructions, which should be followed to a "T".

Open the Box
First, remove the Bull Bar and all contents from the box. You should have individually-wrapped brackets, your Bull Bar (with Skid Plate), instructions and any installation hardware.

Next, look at the instructions. Ok, done. Now we can get down to the nitty-gritty. The front of your truck or SUV already has mounting holes for accessories like tow hooks, grille guards, a winch, or a snow plow. Westin uses these pre-approved, factory holes to mount your Bull Bar.

Attach the Brackets
Basically, check the instructions for your specific application and bolt on the simple mounting brackets.  In the case of our donor truck, a brand new Toyota Tundra, we removed the factory tow hooks from the front and the Bull Bar mounting brackets were bolted in their place.  Just remove the factory bolts (if any) and use the new bolts from Westin to bolt on your mounting brackets. Leave these brackets slightly loose so you have some wiggle room when lining up your Bull Bar.

Bolt 'em Up
Now it's time to attach the Bull Bar to the mounting brackets. The bottom of the Westin Bull Bar has mounting holes.  Just line up the holes on the Bull Bar with the holes in the brackets and bolt them together. Then, just tighten up the bolts on the truck and you are done. It really is that easy.

See the step-by-step pictures.

Westin Tube Steps on Toyota Tundra
Our donor truck is a brand-spankin'-new Toyota Tundra 5.7L.  This thing is beautiful, with a huge cabin, leather seats, in-dash navigation...forget about it!  Too much to list! 

Westin Tube Steps on Toyota Tundra
Our poor Toyota Tundra was missing something.  Could it be Westin's Chrome Plated Stainless (CPS) Bull Bar?

Westin Tube Steps on Toyota Tundra
This is the underside of the Toyota's body.  Just underneath and rearward of the front bumper are these wonderful little tow hooks.  Yes, they are shaped more like a "U", but they are still called tow hooks.  Remove them from the truck.  Your Bull Bar mounting brackets will be mounting in this location. 

Westin Tube Steps on Toyota Tundra
Now we attach Westin's mounting brackets to the holes where the tow hooks were located.  We are using the factory bolts.;

Westin Tube Steps on Toyota Tundra
Tighten the bolts down to attach the brackets.  Leave them slightly loose so you can align your Bull Bar before tightening everything down.

Westin Tube Steps on Toyota Tundra
Here is the mounting bracket being bolted to it's final location. You'll also notice that we have the truck up on a hydralic lift for the installation of this Bull Bar. Westin makes the installation so simple, you could (and many people do) install this while lying in your driveway.

Westin Tube Steps on Toyota Tundra
Now it's just a matter of lifting your bull bar up to the brackets and bolting it down.
Westin Tube Steps on Toyota Tundra
Here is the Bull Bar lined up to the brackets.  The bolt holes match up perfectly because Westin manufactures high-quality components that require no modification.

Westin Tube Steps on Toyota Tundra
Using Westin's supplied hardware, we tighten down the bolts, securing the Bull Bar to the black mounting brackets.
Westin Tube Steps on Toyota Tundra
Here is the finished product.  The Westin Bull Bar looks killer on the front of this Tundra.

Westin Tube Steps on Toyota Tundra
Here's one more shot of the truck, just to make you jealous.  You'll also notice that this truck has a set of Westin Oval Tube Steps installed.  Check out the installation article for these Westin Oval Tube Steps.
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