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Finding the Right Tool

It’s not too hard to walk the halls of Stylin' Trucks to find someone who knows a thing or two about turning wrenches. Most importantly, they understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. We ask a few experienced technicians for their advice on what makes the right tool.

“You can’t stress it enough,” Stylin' Showroom Sales Manager Ken Pierson said. “If you have the wrong tool, you’ll make the job harder.”

In fact, there’s always the right tool for the right job, Ken said, but surprisingly some don’t always see it that way. “A crescent wrench isn’t the answer for everything,” he warned. "It’s so simple. For instance, you have a 6-point head; there is a 6-point socket or a 4-point socket. You want to use the 6-point,” Ken said. “If you don’t, the head is going to strip.”

Finding the right size of fitted tool is only half of the battle. Once you find the right tool, you better make sure it has the quality and dependability to get your task finished.

“Cheaper tools won’t get the job done,” Stylin' Merchandising Manager Mike Buca said. “Maybe the socket breaks, or even worse, you injure yourself. You learn that cheap tools are not the way to go.

“From my experience, you are doing something under the exhaust or underneath the chassis and the ratchet or socket breaks,” he continued, “and you end up punching the bottom side of the truck. That is pretty common. It happened to me a bunch of times. That just goes to show you that using a cheap tool will cost you more in the long run.”

The direction you should go, Mike said, is to purchase tools that are reasonably priced, designed to be used everyday and last a lifetime.
“Now, cost isn’t everything,” he warned. “If you are a weekend guy, you don’t need to have a top of the line brand name tool.”
That is where Pro Grade tools come in, Mike said. “It is a good quality tool for the money. It’s not a cheap tool that you would buy at a general retail store.”

Sytlin' Trucks carries a host of socket sets, wrench sets, pliers as well as tie downs from Pro Grade which offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products. The brand is a favorite around the halls of Stylin', so much so Sales Coach Joe Wagner actually had an enlightenment concerning its combo wrench set.

“It’s the best,” he said of the set while fielding the many inquires from our customers via phone. “Everyone should have a ratchet wrench. It makes so much of a difference.”

In your own garage or at the shop, it’s essential to have the proper tool to perform even the smallest of tasks on your truck, SUV or Jeep. Also, it’s best to have the proper balance between cost, quality and dependability when buying a tool. You’ll end up thanking yourself for it.

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