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Mancave construction

As a DIYer, you know how important it is for a mad scientist such as yourself to have an adequate laboratory to perform your custom truck magic. While you call your garage a lab, others might refer to it as your man cave or utopia.

Nevertheless, it's the place where you can be you – the number one truck enthusiast. Whether you are just beginning your cave construction or you’re doing some tidying up, here are three major areas you should concentrate on to make your spot truly Stylin'.

Usually when you start your special place, things go pretty smoothly. You got your man stuff – tools, screws, wires, extra oil and transmission fluid; your cool signs.

But over time, the tools you collect and the cool pictures to hang up turn into lumps of clutter spread across your refuge. Admit it! You pay it no mind until it reaches the point when a simple oil change seems more like a hike up Mount Everest.

Let’s face it. It’s time to do something. A little organization goes a long way, you know. The best way to take care of that is an investment in some shelves and cabinets. Go Rhino! carries a line of garage and shop organizers that keep your tools and other accessories squared away. Your garage will look more spacious, plus you’ll have some room to work on your ride.

Tools & Decor
Now that you have everything nice and neat you might want to take a little inventory. You know a man can never have enough tools in his cave.

If you have enough tools (highly unlikely), then surely you could update them. Step into the pneumatic age with a Dyna-Pact 3/8” Heavy-Duty Air Impact Wrench. It’s light and strong enough to handle whatever problems you face. Or maybe you should step up your garage game with a low profile jack. How about really taking it to the next level with a foldable top side creeper or an engine crane to handle the more serious truck repairs. With each additional tool, you’ll be closer to your ultimate automotive sanctuary.

You got your tools and everything is organized. Let’s do something with those crazy, cool hangings. It’s going to add a lot of your one-of-a-kind personality to your oasis. Try hanging a clock for some flavor or stick some vintage metal signs to show all your buddies that you’re a wrench turner. If you have your bros over, you got to make sure they’re comfortable; so get enough folding chairs, tables or stools to accommodate everyone.

Garage Floor
Arguably the most important (and often most overlooked) part of your garage, the floor can make the difference between THE place to hang and a regular old garage. But don’t worry. There is a way to get your floor clean other than a broom and scrub brush.
You know how it goes: You spend the Saturday afternoon brushing the dust-riddled floor, then make a bigger mess scrubbing the tar, oil and who-knows-what-else stains away; Only to see the final result looks more like lipstick on a pig. And who wants that?

So what do we do? Let’s try something new. The EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating from Rust-Oleum is great place to start. It has everything you need to get that shine your garage deserves. Plus, its wear and abrasion resistance is perfect for areas of heavy, clumsy foot and vehicle traffic! For more information, click here.

But what if you’re not into the roll brush and the coating of the floor? How about some floor tiles? These tiles were made to resist the toughest of stains – automotive chemicals, petroleum product and grease. Plus, it’s easy to install and they add a unique style and cover up that grey, dull and cracked floor.

If covering the whole garage with tile isn’t your cup of tea, a garage mat can get the job done when you’re tracking mud, slush and grime from your truck to your garage floor. They’re heavy-duty mats that absorb lots of liquid so it doesn’t spread to your floor.
We here at Stylin' Trucks know you’re an individual and you’re going to make your man cave in your own image and personality. For every garage is not the same. But no matter if you’re an ASE-certified technician or a weekend grease monkey, focusing on these three areas will lead you on the right track to having the super bad hangout.

First and third photo courtesy: Widget Labs, Team Chevelle

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