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Restoration Buying Guide

Your old friend has been with you through the blazing hot summers and the treacherous winters. It's hauled lawn mowers and motorcycles, helped you move and transported your kids to school, soccer practice and karate lessons. Unfortunately though, your ride is starting to show its age. At Stylin' Trucks, we're here to bring new life to your reliable workhorse and help it relive its glory days!

Proline Replacement Carpet
Get rid of the holes, stains and ground-in dirt in your carpet with the help of Proline. Or add carpet in to truck that doesn't have floor covering at all. It's quick and easy to install, as all cut-outs are marked and molded to fit the contours of your truck. Available for many vehicle
Replacement Cab Corners
 A simple touch that will spruce up your truck, replacement Cab Corners mount easily over the existing panel and align perfectly with the door jamb, rocker panel and the back wall of the cab. Made of heavy-grade steel, these cab corners resist rust and are simple to paint. Screw, weld or pop rivet them into place. Some surface prep is required before painting. 


Replacement Fenders
Runaway shopping carts and slow-moving pedestrians have put way too many dents in your fenders. Bring back the clean look your truck or SUV had from the factory with a set of Replacement Fenders.
Made to O.E. specs and designed to be direct-fit replacements, these fenders will surely upgrade the look of your ride.
Replacement Factory-Style Headlights
Let's cut to the chase, your factory headlights are finished. Sunlight, moisture and road debris have all teamed up to drop a knockout punch to your factory units. Keep your truck looking factory fresh by installing a set of Replacement Factory Style Headlights.
Manufactured to O.E. specs and DOT approved, these direct-fit headlights are exact replacement pieces for your factory units. Just take yours off and stick these on. Simple!


Replacement Factory-Style Grille Shells
After 10 years or more of use and abuse, your truck or SUV's factory grille shell is beat. Cracks, chips, fading, baked-on, caked-on bug splats - they all make your truck look less than ideal.
Bring back the sparkle and pride you felt when you first got your truck. Replace that old, tired factory grille shell with a direct-fit Factory Style Replacement Grill Shell. The new unit is manufactured to O.E. specs and bolts right in place of your stock unit.
Replacement Door Panels
Your truck or SUV's factory door panels have been beat on for years and are starting to show their age. Rips, tears, cigarette burns or fading - they're all common occurrences.
Spruce up your interior and bring back the original beauty that your truck or SUV had by installing a set of Replacement Door Panels.
Replacement Tailgates
Get that worn, rusted eyesore of a tailgate off your truck today! Replacement Tailgates feature die-formed steel with all correct cutouts and mounting holes. A simple bolt-on installation uses original hardware, handle and lock mechanism.  
Replacement Gas Tanks
Breathe new life into your fuel system. Lighter in weight and easier to install than a steel gas tank, this replacement polyethylene gas tank is a smart choice. The high-density, 1-piece tank has no seams or welds to leak and no sharp edges to cut hands. It replaces the original without modifications, using the existing sending unit. It includes a new lock ring, gasket or "O" ring as required. Limited 5-year warranty.
Replacement Weatherstripping
Eliminate drafts and rust damage by preventing air, water and dirt from getting into your truck. Replacement door weatherstripping is made of supple black rubber that won't crack. The simple, push-on installation uses metal or plastic clips (some vehicles require glue).

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