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Euro Tail Light Installation

Chevy Tahoe Rear End Before

"I'm better than that guy because I'm in front."

Whether we say it or not, we all think it. You pass that car on the freeway or in between stoplights and then get in front of them so you can take the turn first, or be the first to the exit ramp. Well, once you install new taillights, not only will they be behind you, they’ll get a bright red reminder of your awesomeness every time you step on the brakes.

Changing your tail lights is one of the most popular and easiest modifications you can make to dramatically change the appearance of your truck or SUV. I know that installing truck accessories may seem a little daunting if you haven't done it before, but believe me, it’s quite easy. Here is a step-by-step install of the Car Wear tail lights on our Goodmark/Stylin Tahoe. Even if you don't have a Chevy Tahoe, read on, because these steps can be applied to most any truck or SUV out there.

Chevy Tahoe w/ Euro Lenses

Chevy Tahoe Rear End Before
1. Open the lift gate. Whether it's an SUV or a pickup truck there should only be a few screws attaching the tail light.
Remove Screws w/ Phillips Head 2. Get our your trusty phillips-head screwdriver and remove the screws.
Remove Factory Tail Lens
3. Next, gently pull the taillight away from the vehicle.
Turn Bulbs Counter-Clockwise
4. Then remove the bulbs by turning them counter-clockwise.
Install bulbs into new Euro Tail Lens
5. Install the bulbs back into the new euro tail lenses.
Install the tail lens
6. Get Slide the new euro tail lights into place.
Replace Mounting Screws
7. Tighten the screws back up...
8. ...and you're done.

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