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Nerf Bars, Step Bars, and Tube Steps

Some people call them Nerf Bars, others call them Step Bars; my mother calls them "those shiny tubes." Whatever you call them, these truck accessories are an item that many people overlook in their quest for truck greatness.

Whether you're looking for convenience, protection, or looks, installing a set of custom step bars on your ride is always a good decision.

Nerf Bars; Attitude in a Box
In addition to the fact that they make vehicle entry easier, nerf bars add to your truck's aggressive attitude. Nerf bars fill the gap between the ground and your vehicle's rocker panel; creating an illusion that your truck stands taller than it actually does. Combine step bars with a suspension lift and/or body lift kit and we're talking serious intimidation.

Nerf Bars; Your Bodyguard
Another benefit of installing nerf bars is protection. They mount several inches from the side of the vehicle. Therefore they are your first line of defense for anything that could cause body damage. Whether it's a boulder you try to drive over while off-roading or a stray shopping cart at the local supermarket, these babies have got your back.

In Conclusion
Not all nerf bars are created equal. There are different brands on the market with different finishes and warranties available. The Westin Platinum Step Bars have a lifetime warranty. If you have any questions, you can reach our sales staff at 1-800-586-9713.

The Install
Let's check out the installation of a set of Westin Platinum Step Bars on our 2003 Chevy Silverado. They have a chrome plated stainless finish and a lifetime warranty.

Before Nerf Bar Installation
1. Our Donor Truck before installation.
Loosen Body Mount Bolts
2. Loosen the body mount bolts.
Attach Hardware
3. Attach mounting hardware throught the rubber frame mount.
Re-mount Rubber Body Mount and Hardware
4. Bolt the mounting hardware and rubber body mount back to the frame.
Tighten Front...
5. Hand tighten the front of the nerf bars...
Attach rear...
6. well as the rear.
Attach center mount
7. This particular step bar has a mount in the center that must also be attached.
Tighten all hardware
8. Check your nerf bars for proper alignment and tighten all hardware.
The new nerf bars look great
9. The installed nerf bars look as good as can be.

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