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Installing Projector Headlights

A How-To on the 2005 Ford F-150

When the time comes to make a change to your truck or SUV, a stunning set of projector headlights is often overlooked. I want to show you what you’re missing by installing a set of them on our 2005 Ford F150. Read on and you’ll see just how easy it truly is to install these truck accessories.
2005 F150 with Carriage Works Grille.
1. Our donor truck before the projector headlight installation. The Carriage Works billet grill and custom wheels look very nice, but we’re going to kick it up a notch!
Remove Splash Guard.
2. On the top, inner portion of the headlights. Remove the plastic screws holding on the splashguards.

The Goods
For this project, we’re going to be installing Halo Projector Headlights from Anzo. It is a really nice unit that has all the components - bulbs, turn signals, and the Halo ring - included in one package.

The Installation
Before installing the projector headlights, we first had to remove the factory headlight unit, which Ford made very simple for us. We removed the plastic screw that holds the splashguard in place, and then removed the three (10mm) bolts. After lifting the plastic lock tab off of the fender, the factory headlight unit slides right out. Disconnect the three plugs; low-beam, high-beam, and turn signals.

The projector headlights install in exactly the opposite way that the factory units are removed, with one exception; you must manually wire the row of turn signals along the bottom of the projector headlights. It’s quite easy and we’ll show you how it’s done.

Bolt #1.
3. Remove the three bolts that hold each of the factory F-150 headlights on. This is bolt #1.
Bolt #2.
4. This is bolt #2.
Bolt #3.
5. And here's bolt 3.
Unhook lock tab.
6. Unclip the plastic lock tab located next to the top headlight bolt on the fender.
Remove factory headlight.
7. Remove the factory F150 headlight.
Disconnect Plugs.
8. Disconnect the headlight and turn signal plugs.
Install Projector Headlight.
9. Now it's time to install the projector headlights.

Auxillary turn signal wiring.
10. This is the black turn signal plug. These projector headlights have two wires coming out of the bottom of the unit to power an extra row of turn signal flashers. Splice those two wires into the two wires on the black turn signal plug; Light to light, dark to dark. (Note: You can skip this step if you’re uncomfortable with wiring.)

Plug in lights.
11. Plug your headlights and your turn signal back in.
Bolt in the Projecto Headlights.
12. After setting your projector headlights into place, bolt them down.
F150 with Anzo Projector Headlights.
13. You're Done!!

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