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At IN.PRO. CAR WEAR, INC. the motto is, “Light the way for the rest to follow”.

This is because the status quo has never been good enough for IPCW. They are a company of dreamers, shapers and makers. The most exciting product to them is always “the next one”. A leader in the field of aftermarket lighting, In Pro Car Wear make lights that are innovative, stunning and very well made. Their lights are made to transform a truck that means something to someone into a truck that will be everything to someone. But the beauty of their lights is more than skin deep; what makes IPCW’s lighting line unique is the precise engineering, fanatical attention to detail and unmatched fit and finish.

In Pro Car Wear’s core value is to make the best products on the market, period. In order to maintain the highest levels of quality, all of their light manufacturing is done in-house at their Commerce, California location. Consequently, parts look better, fit better and even the gaskets seal better. Another point that sets IPCW lights apart is their compliance with FMVSS-108/DOT/SAE requirements. Simply put, if we would not install those lights on our own personal vehicles, we would never sell them at Stylin’ Trucks. In our bulb comparison (see the Headlights section of the Daily Grille), the IPCW Wizard Ultra White headlights tested to be the brightest, bluest bulbs Stylin’ carries.

All in all, In Pro Car Wear lights are a superbly engineered product line that your truck would be proud to wear. We are proud of our relationship with In Pro Car Wear and are ready to add “the next one” to our product lineup.  Check out all of the IPCW products including headlights, taillights, third brake lights, clear corner lenses and lighted accents at

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