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1985 Chevy S-10

Living the Low Life

Rob Hickok’s 1985 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup (and 2009 Best Chevy at the Stylin' Trucks High Low Truck Show) could be considered a lesson in the law of accumulation.

Hickok bought the truck in 1992 while working as a daily driver.

“I became involved with stereo competitions and soon installed a huge stereo to compete with,” the Akron, Ohio resident said. “After the stereo, I decided to get a custom paint job, and an adjustable hydraulic suspension set-up. All this occurred between the years of 1993 and 1996.”

The custom truck bug continued to gnaw at Hickok. He wanted to add another dimension to his ride. Hickok teamed up with a couple of his buddies to “body drop” the pick up truck. It proved to be a mind-blowing venture, he said.

“Most of the people in the custom auto industry had no idea how to achieve this or even knew where to begin,” Hickok said. “Six months later, we were on our way to a show in Dayton, Ohio, with a completed show truck.

He continued, “Everything had been completed, from the tweed interior to custom lime-green paint.” Hickok’s truck started to get a little notoriety in custom truck circles, especially in the Midwest.

“This is when I began attending shows religiously. Every weekend I was on the road traveling to events in Ohio and the surrounding states,” he said. “I showed the vehicle in that form until 2000, when I had more plans to step up the level of quality.”

After two years of traveling to shows across the Midwest, Hickok decided to tear into his prized Chevy truck. He refinished the motor with chrome accents, and swapped out the hydraulic suspension for an air-ride suspension. Hickok also decided to part with his custom stereo equipment to dive head first into a clean, street-rod-type vehicle.
The attention to detail has paid off. The shaved, smoothed S-10 proved to be a constant attraction placing high in various competitions across the Midwest and East Coast. Hickok’s S-10 even graced the covers of Truckin, Sport Truck and Mini Truckin’.

After a good run of truck competition, Hickok said he’s ready for his next challenge: Customizing his 2005 Cadillac Escalade ESV.

“The future plans include 20" wheels, new interior, and a small stereo set-up,” he said of his next adventure. “I'd also like to change the rear suspension to a 4-link set-up.”

If the end product garnishes half of the accolades his prized Chevy did, we are all in for a treat. Good luck, Rob!

Here's a video of Rob Hickok and his award-winning 1985 Chevy S-10 during the HIgh Low Truck Show in August 2009:

(Rob gets interviewed by Danielle.)

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