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What was your favorite truck show this year?

The summer season is now a memory and the skid marks from this season’s truck show will soon be covered by fall’s blanket of red golden leaves. We, at Stylin’, want to take some time from sweeping away the maple leaves so our experts and friends could reflect on what shows made their eyes pop and tails wag.

Besides the High Low Truck Show (because it was beyond cool), what was the best show so far this year?

Xtreme Gravity's Laws of Physics is going to be a great show because there will be a lot of people I know from other shows that attended, making it an overall great atmosphere along with great cars and trucks.
- Joe Wagner, Stylin Trucks Sales Coach

For me, it was Crusins in Huntington Beach, Ca. The young crowds there are always in the up and coming rides.
- Dave Williams , Rampage Products, Corona, Ca.

Heatwave in Austin, TX had lots of nice rides. That show is one of the major players when it comes to custom trucks.
- Kenny Boyd, K&M Customs, Winnfield, La.

I would say All-Star Event in Memphis, TN. The show was ran by a great group of guys, national truck club Relaxed Atmosphere. The location and the quality of rides in attendance were very nice.
- Rob Hickok, owner of a 1985 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup and 2009 Best Chevy, High Low Truck Show

If the weather would have cooperated, it would have been the Max Hayes Show in Cleveland. There were some great looking vehicles there before the rain poured down.
- Ken Pierson, Stylin Trucks Retailing Manager

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