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Red Line Synthetic Motor Oil

Human Body = five pints of blood.

Your Engine = five quarts of oil.

Coincidence? We think not. It's no secret that oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Your engine's oil pump, whether it be electrical or mechanical, pumps oil through the engine's pathways and galleys, just like your heart pumps blood through your veins.

Your liver, constantly cleaning and filtering the blood coursing through your veins, is just like an oil filter, filtering the oil and keeping it free from contaminates and unwanted dirt and grime.

Why the anatomy lesson? Because keeping your engine running healthy and strong is just as important to your vehicle as it is to you (whether you like it or not).

Today's truck and SUV engines are built with such precision and care that tolerances between moving parts are dangerously close. If your engine isn't properly lubricated, you'll be in a world of hurt - fast. That's why a good, high-quality, high-performance motor oil is a must. One that flows quickly and smoothly to all of your engine's vital components.

Enter Red Line synthetic motor oil.

Born in the laboratory and proven on the racetrack, Red Line synthetic motor oil is like high-performance blood for your engine. Let's see just what makes Red Line synthetic motor oil so great.

1. Longevity
Red Line synthetic motor oil is designed for driving. The folks at Red Line want you to be able to drive your truck or SUV, and really drive it. They've manufactured a synthetic motor oil with less additives than any other motor oil on the market.

To get fossil oil to perform under harsh conditions and hold up, it needs to be mixed heavily with additives. Additives to prevent foaming, additives to give it high-temperature protection. Additives to help it flow smoothly or to prevent burning. These additives all have a short window where they work optimally, then their quality deteriorates quickly.

On the other hand, Red Line synthetic motor oil is not weighed down with unneccessary additives. They've designed the motor oil to have all of the characteristics that you could want, without the need for additives.

Where a "normal" motor oil is supposed to be changed every 3,000 miles, Red Line synthetic motor oil can go 15,000 miles or more between changes because of its additive-free design and high-performance engineering. Yes, Red Line recommends intervals of 15,000-18,000 between oil changes (depending on application). For most of us, that's just one oil change a year.

That boils down to you spending less time under your truck or SUV and more time inside, driving it like you're supposed to.

2. Cold Temp. Flowing

Hey, let's face it. Not all areas of the good ol' U.S. of A. enjoy the warm temperature conditions that can be found in the southern parts of the country. Up north, in colder parts of the U.S., we've got to worry about something called cold startup.

Cold startup is exactly what it sounds like; starting up your truck or SUV in cold climates. This occurance can be problematic for vehicles lubricated with standard fossil oil. Regular motor oil is thick in cold temperatures, extremely thick. And slow moving.

And while conventional motor oil can take seconds to reach vital engine components, a properly-engineered synthetic motor oil like Red Line is there almost instantaneously.

3. Higher Lubricity

A properly-engineered synthetic oil like Red Line is more free-flowing than any standard motor oil. Now, you'd have to pull out a microscope to see it in action, but it all comes down to the molecules.

A high-quality synthetic oil is smoother and more free flowing due to the actual molecules in the oil being smaller, and less bulky. The Carbon atoms in standard motor oil are large and oddly-shaped. They don't slide against each other very well and need special additives to help them flow smoothly.  Additives that break down over time.

Red Line synthetic motor oil is far superior to conventional motor oil in this respect. It is slicker, smoother, and stands up to heat better. Also, because of it's enhanced lubricity, Red Line synthetic motor oil creates less friction and in some cases can actually free up horsepower.

If you're looking for a high quality synthetic motor oil, one that:

  • Lasts up to five times as long as conventional oil.
  • Flows smoothly in all temperatures.
  • Provides a higher level of lubrication.

Get your hands on some Red Line synthetic motor oil today!

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