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Moises Quintana's "Tahover"

Sometimes, the reasons aren’t complex at all for frequent Stylin' Trucks customer Moises Quintana.

“I just wanted to be different,” the Cleveland, Ohio resident said of his 2000 Chevy Tahoe that is appropriately dubbed “The Tahover.”

Where did such a name come from, you ask? Put a Red Range Rover front end with a custom brushed aluminum speed grille insert on a Tahoe and that’s what you get. The grand idea came to Quintana on a whim. At that time, he had just bought a candy red pick up truck, the same color as his Tahoe.

“I wanted to make it look nice,” he said. “I bought the projector headlights and LED turn signals.” Then it came to him. This would look even better on the Tahoe, he thought.

“I looked at this grille on eBay,” Quintana said. “(I thought) ‘you know what, I want to be different. I want to change it up a little bit.’”

After flipping the script, Quintana’s unique touch has been quite the head turner. “I swear to God, (looking at the front) everybody is like ‘Wow!’… At the shows, on the street,” he said.

To make it official, Quintana added a “V” and “R,” for the custom side molding “TAHOVER” that drapes his passenger and driver doors, along with his license plate.

But Quintana didn’t stop there. Let’s not forget about the 26” Pirelli tires, Dub rims, Keystone hood and amp power in back supplying 4000 watts of sound. That’s more than enough to rattle the ears while playing some PlayStation 3 through one of his two 20” LG high-definition flat screens embedded in passenger and driver doors.

Another twist comes in the form of the Corsa exhaust tips, which come out through the side quarter panels¬ adding a little more swagger to an already stylish vehicle.

But wait, there is more, Quintana said. By the end of the summer, he said, he plans on installing two 15”flat screens in the back passenger doors and a drop-down 36” in the cargo area.

In addition, he plans to enhance his viewing pleasure. “I’m trying to get a satellite on top… You know, so I can play Call of Duty online during the truck shows,” he joked.

After investing in what amounts to a five-figure investment, Quintana is nearly satisfied with his masterpiece. The return, for him, is the everyday accolades he receives from other.

“You never get your money back from this,” he said. “But it is the impression that you get from people… that’s what satisfies me.

Check out the pictures and video below, click on them to view full-size.
The Tahover
Quintana's 2000 Chevy Tahoe Z71 w/Range Rover front end a.k.a The Tahover
Corsa exhaust tips
Corsa exhaust tips

Close up of headlight
Close up of headlight
LG 20 inch HD flat screens in the door
LG 20 inch HD flat screens in the door

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