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Grille Styles: What you should know.

Grille Styles
You've already made the decision to get an aftermarket grille for your truck or SUV. It's going to look killer and really boost the street cred of your ride, but which one do you choose? Read along and we'll walk you though some common design choices as well as a few oddball selections.

Classic Billet Bar Grilles
Grille Styles - Billet
Exactly what the name suggests, classic billet bar grilles are styled after the grillework and fender openings available on many early street rods. The smooth, clean lines deliver a classic look that's nearly timeless, and with proper care, the grille will last just as long. Most kits feature a bolt-on installation. For a cleaner, more professional look, many billet grille kits offer a cut-out installation. Available in polished or brushed aluminum, chrome and stainless steel.

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Speed and Mesh Grilles
Grille Styles - Mesh
Sporty, high-performance styling is what you get from our line of speed and mesh grilles. They offer a race-inspired wire mesh look that gives your truck or SUV an extra bit of sizzle when cruising the lanes. Installation is easy, with most kits simply "snapping" into place with supplied brackets. Available in polished or brushed aluminum, black powdercoat, chrome, black chrome and stainless steel.

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Designer Series Grilles
Grille Styles - Designer
With styles like Flamed, Holes, Skulls, and Ram Head, our line of designer grilles vary in brand and style - but not in quality. Each designer grille is cut from high-quality stainless steel or aluminum with a CNC lazer or a high-pressure precision waterjet. Most grilles feature a bolt-on installation, with a few custom options requiring cutting for a more professional look. Available in polished or brushed aluminum, stainless steel or chrome.

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Specialty Series Grilles
Grille Styles - Specialty
Change the look of your front end by switching from Chevy to GMC, or just eliminate the headlights! That's what our line of specialty grilles is all about - customizing your ride. Chevy owners? Eliminate the center bar and bow-tie logo. GMC? Lose the GMC logo. Ford? Get off-road lights or go Mustang style! It's up to you. Installing these grilles requires a bit more work - cutting, drilling and fabrication may be necessary.

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Solid Billet Grilles
Grille Styles - Solid Billet
Made from sturdy 1/4" thick aluminum stock, Solid Billet Grilles are hefty and add big, beefy looks to your truck or SUV. Designs are CNC-cut using a lazer or a high-pressure precision waterjet machine, ensuring exact tolerances for a perfect fit. Most styles require a professional cut-out installation while a few select grilles are available with a simple bolt-over install. Check listing for specifics. Available in polished or brushed aluminum.

Grille Kits with Inserts
Grille Styles - Grille Kit
Need a new look, freshening up an old front end, or repairing after an accident? Either way, our line of grille kits with inserts has you covered. Each kit features a grille shell and a matching grille insert. Simply line it up for fitment, paint it, and bolt on for a new look. Available in a few different materials - Grille shells can be composite, fiberglass or aluminum, while Grille inserts come in polished, brushed or powdercoat aluminum, stainless steel or chrome.

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