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Fokis on Fire IV

A great show for a good cause!

Sunday, July 26th sure was a hot day in Massillon, Ohio. With local temperatures in the mid-80s, and crazy humidity to back it up, Ohio's sticky summer heat kept most people locked up in the air conditioning. But those brave souls who went out to endure the heat were greeted with a wonderful sight, the fourth annual Fokis on Fire Benefit Car Show and Chicken BBQ.

Put on annually by local auto enthusiast club Fokis Performance Group, the car, truck and motorcycle show raises money for the local hose jockeys, with all proceeds going directly to the Richville, OH Volunteer Fire Department.

The show was jam packed with all sorts of custom rides. Old-school muscle cars, classic cruisers, lifted and lowered full-size and mini-trucks, bikes and even a mid-engined, drag-stip destroyer wearing the sheeps clothing of a pickup truck. Some Stylin' Trucks staffers were there too, showing their rides and having a blast. Our own Joe Wagner entered the Hug Chug but was eliminated in the first round, suffering an embarrasing defeat at the hands of an eight-year-old.

Other special things going on were a mid-day rain storm, the local Wal-Mart having baby formula on sale, and the Fokis on Fire show staffers giving away a large assortment of door prizes, including an air compressor, tool sets, neon kits and seat and motorcycle covers. One Stylin' staffer even saw a horse standing in someone's backyard. "It was wild, man. This big brown horse, just standin' there. Then the thing looked at me."

Check out some pictures from the show.
Click the pics to expand.

Dodge Durango w/ Air Suspension
A Killer Dodge Durango w/ an Air Suspension System.
Trucks Waiting Out The Rain
Trucks lined up nicely, waiting for the rain to end.
Chevrolet S10
Chevrolet S10 w/ shaved tail lenses, a shaved tailgate handle and a custom license plate box.
GMC Sonoma S15
A GMC Jimmy w/ a lowering kit and a polished aluminum billet grille installed.
Dodge Durango w/ Fiberglass Ram Air Hood
Lowered Dodge Durango w/ a Ram Air Hood and yummy sunset.
Lowered Chevrolet Astrovan
A Lowered Chevrolet Astrovan w/ clear corner lenses and a billet grille.
Ford F150 with a lowered suspension
A Ford F150 w/ a lowered suspension system.
Dodge Dakota w/ Air Suspension
Stylin' Joe Wagner's custom Dodge Dakota w/ an Air Suspension System.
GMC S15 Sonoma with an aftermarket Airdam
GMC S15/Sonoma w/ a billet grille and a Street Scene airdam.
GMC S15 w/ custom paint job
Lowered GMC S15 w/ custom paint job, an air suspension and classic wheels.
Custom Chevrolet S10 Blazer
Chevrolet S10 Blazer w/ phantom grille kit and a hydraulic suspension system.
Lowered GMC w/ clear lenses
Lowered GMC S15 w/ clear headlights.
Ford Ranger w/ Billet Grille
Ford Ranger w/ a lowered suspension system and a billet grille.
GMC Sonoma w/ Custom Wheels
GMC Sonoma w/ lowered suspension and aftermarket wheels.
Trucks under a killer sunset
Custom trucks under a killer Ohio sunset.
Tiny Tim's blasted wheel
Chewed wheel from the ride home.
Trucks lined up at gas station
Pretty ladies, all in a row...
Pontiac Parisienne
The author's first car, an '84 Buick LeSabre looked just like this Pontiac Parisienne. Aah, memories!
Oldsmobile Bravada w/ lowering kit
The same lowered GMC Jimmy we saw before.  It has a billet grille and chrome wheels. c/o
Ford F150 w/ a Lincoln Navigator front end conversion
A Lowered Ford F150 w/ a Lincoln Navigator front end conversion. Nice!
Chevrolet S10 w/ Clear Turn Signals
Chevrolet S10 w/ billet grille, lowering kit, and clear turn signal lenses.
Lowered Dodge Dakota
Lowered Dodge Dakota w/ a Stylin' Trucks sticker on the window.
Custom Dodge Ram
Mean-looking Dodge Ram w/ custom dents, bullet holes, and a hood guard.
Two-Tone GMC Sierra
A two-tone GMC Sierra w/ a billet grille, clear headlights and clear turn signal lenses.
Toyota Celica w/ Body Kit
A custom Toyota Celica w/ a body kit and big wheels.
Chevrolet S10 with a cowl induction hood
Chevrolet S10 w/ a cowl induction hood.
Old-School Muscle
Some old-school muscle.
Lowered Flareside Ford Ranger
A Step-side Ford Ranger w/ a billet grille, lowering kit, and aftermarket wheels.
Custom Jeep Wrangler
A beautiful Jeep Wrangler with lots of custom goodies.
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