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LED Light Bars

If you've been watching the news at all lately, you'll notice that "Safety" is the buzzword of the day. Food safety, toy safety and automotive safety are on everyone's minds.

Yes, trucks have been available with third brake lights for many years, but adding a fourth brake light? That's just bonkers...or is it? What's crazy about adding another safety feature that also looks good? Nothing. If you can add just one more layer of protection to save you from the tailgater behind you, it's worth it.

Your truck already has brake lights, but does it have the high-performance, long-lasting technology known as LEDs? Probably not. LEDs light up so fast, many consider them to be "instant-on" technology, alerting others to your stopping intentions long before your regular bulbs even warm up.

And aside from the safety angle, what about looks? If your truck is already decked out with the latest in lighting technology, this light bar is just one more trophy to add to the case. Led taillights? Check! Led Third Brake Light? Check! LED Light Bar? Sign me up!

But which LED light bar is a truck owner to go with? We know that it can be daunting to choose one of a few similar products. That's why the crew at Stylin' Trucks has put together this helpful little primer. Scroll down and see which model is the right one for you.

Stylin' Trucks' LED Light Bar
Alert others to your intent to stop with a new LED Light Bar. Mounting between your truck or SUV's tailgate and bumper, the LED Light Bar is hidden to casual observers. But once you step on the brake pedal, the sealed LED's spark to life and really grab the attention of those behind you.

The LED Light Bar also works as an active turn signal, blinking either the left or right half of the bar when engaged. It plugs into any standard 4-pin trailer connection.

Fire & Ice LED Light Bar
Add a level of safety that only the Fire & Ice LED Light Bar can provide. Working as a four-function lighting unit, the Fire & Ice LED Light Bar not only works as a brake light, running light and turn signal - it also illuminates brilliant white LED's when in reverse.

And it mounts easily in the dead space between your tailgate and bumper, so it's virtually invisible until illuminated. This unit plugs into a standard 4-pin trailer connection.



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