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You can submit your photos a couple ways. You can send them in an email, as an attachment to Or, you can burn them to a CD and send them to:

Product Image Department
Stylin' Trucks
7820 E. Pleasant Valley Rd.
Independence, OH. 44131

Note: Please be sure to send us the pictures without editing them.

Your new part is installed, your truck is clean and you have your camera, now what?

Your camera should be set on its highest resolution setting. This will make the pictures large enough to use on our site. They should be at least 1200 pixels wide. Also, make sure your time stamp is turned OFF. That is the feature that puts the time/date on the picture.

Timestamp Example

You will want your truck/SUV parked somewhere with adequate light. Avoid taking the pictures in direct sunlight because it causes sun glare. Lighting Example
Avoid getting your reflection or shadow in the picture. Also, park your vehicle in a location that would make a nice backdrop, somewhere that's not too busy and will not cause any reflections. Avoid parking lots filled with cars.
Location Example
Make sure you're aiming the camera's view finder at the object you want in the picture and not off to the side. Otherwise, the object you want in the picture may end up looking blurry. Also, do not cut off any portion of the object with the camera lens. Capture the whole object.
View Finder Example
Take pictures from multiple angles, so you can capture all the details of your truck or truck accessories.

Good Picture Example
Remember, when using a digital camera it's easy to re-shoot the picture if you don't like the outcome of your first attempt!

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