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K&N Air Intake Installation

Got a truck that you think is cool? Does it look cool and sound cool? How about drive cool? Does it breath cool air?

What I mean is, does your truck have a high-flowing air intake system? If not, it really should. The benefits of a performance air intake system are well documented: more power, more torque, better gas mileage, cooler operating temperatures...the list goes on.

If you're interested in getting a high-flowing air intake system, one of the best companies out there is K&N. They've been making air filtration components for over 35 years and continue to develop new and exciting products all the time.

What we're installing here is a 77-series intake sytem. It includes a high-flowing, cleanable and reusable air filter, all the fittings and hardware required for installation and your choice of a either polished or gray aluminum intake tube. And it only takes about 10 minutes to install...

And one last thing. This install guide is in no way a substitution for the instructions supplied by the manufacturer. Always follow common safety procedures (eye protection, ear protection, etc...).

Let's check it out! (Click the photos to enlarge...)

Our killer Chevy Colorado has a boring-looking engine compartment.
1. Aside from the killer paint job, our donor Chevy Colorado has no truck accessories installed. The engine compartment is boring and stock.
Disconnect the battery.
2. Begin your installation safely. Disconnect the negative battery cable so you don't harm yourself or the vehicle by sticking something where it doesn't belong.
Unplug the mass airflow sensor.
3. Next, the mass airflow sensor needs to be unplugged.
Loosen the intake tube hose clamp.
4. Now it's time to remove the factory intake tube. Start by removing this hose clamp.
Loosen the other intake tube hose clamp.
5. Then remove the hose clamp that connects the intake tube to the resonator (silencer).
Unscrew the factory airbox.
6. Now remove the Colorado's factory air box. There are three attachment points. This is number one, between the air box and the headlight.
Unscrew the factory airbox.
7. This is attachment point number two, behind the air box, near the coolant reservior.
Unscrew the Colorado's factory airbox.
8. And number three is between the side of the Colorado's airbox and the passenger side fender.
Remove the Chevrolet Colorado's airbox.
9. Now the Chevrolet Colorado's factory airbox can be removed. The K&N intake system comes with a new one.
Unbolt the Colorado's air intake resonator.
10. Time to remove that pesky resonator. There are just two bolts holding it down. They're both on the passenger side and easy to see.
Unclamp the hose clamp holding the resonator to the throttle body.
11. One more attachment point for the Colorado's resonator is where it connects to the throttle body. Remove the hose clamps and you're golden.
The throttle body of the Colorado with no intake system.
12. Here we see the throttle body and the top of the engine with the resonator removed. The resonator is basically a big, inefficient silencer for the intake system.
The K&N intake system heatshield.
13. Here is the heatshield that comes with the K&N intake. It comes with a gasket to help seal out hot engine compartment air.
Intall the supplied gasket.
14. The K&N heatshield also has a couple of brackets that need to be attached. It makes sense to install them while installing the gasket.
The assembled K&N heatshield.
15. Here is the heatshield with gaskets and one bracket attached.
Attach the mounting bracket.
16. Here is the other bracket that attaches the K&N heatshield to the truck.
K&N heatshield in the engine compartment.
17. The K&N 77-series is really a high-quality intake system. The heatshield sits perfectly in the void left by the old Colorado air box.
Bolt down the K&N heatshield.
18. Here is where you attach the bracket from step 16. It lines up perfectly and bolts right to the heatshield.
Remove the Colorado's mass airflow sensor.
19. The next step is to remove the mass airflow sensor from the factory intake box...
Install the mass airflow sensor onto the polished intake tube.
20. ...and install it onto the K&N 77-series polished intake tube.
Attach the hose adaptor to the K&N 77-series intake tube.
21. Attach the supplied adaptor to the polished aluminum intake tube. This adaptor will connect the intake tube to the throttle body opening.
Attach the intake tube to the throttle body.
22. Slide the other end of the intake tube into the opening in the heatshield and then attach the side with the adaptor to the throttle body.
Tighten down the hose clamps.
23. Tighten down the hose clamps to secure the intake tube to the throttle body.
Attach the intake tube bracket.
24. There is a bracket that runs from the intake tube to the top of the intake manifold. It keeps the intake tube secure and mated to the engine.
Attach the vacuum line.
25. There is a vacuum line valve on the front of the intake tube. If your factory tube had a vaccuum line attached, then attach it here. If not, K&N offers a line to block this valve.
The engine compartment with the intake tube and heatshield.
26. Here we see the beautiful K&N 77-series polished intake tube installed with the heatshield. But where's the filter? That comes next...
Attach the filter adaptor to the polished intake tube.
27. To attach the filter to the intake tube, an appropriately sized adaptor is included in the kit. Slide it onto the tube and clamp it down.
Now attach the high-flowing K&N air filter.
28. Now the high-flowing K&N air filter can be installed. Same as the other pieces, slide it on and tighten the clamps.
Plug in the mass airflow sensor.
29. Go ahead and plug in the mass airflow sensor now. Be sure that the arrow is pointing in the right direction (towards the engine).
Attach your battery.
30. Now check the rest of your connections and go back over the steps to make sure you didn't miss anything. If everything is good, hook the battery back up.
The installation is complete and looks awesome.
31. The Colorado's engine compartment looks much, much better with the intake system installed. And the additional nine horsepower doesn't hurt either!

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