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2006 Carlisle All Truck Nationals

Part 3

Welcome to the last installment of the Carlisle All Truck Nationals show coverage. In case you missed it, the 2006 Carlisle All Truck Nationals happened on the weekend of August 4-6th, 2006. But don't fret, the Stylin' Trucks truck show photo team was on the case.

Also check Carlisle All Truck Nationals, Part I and Part II for coverage of many of the trucks at the show.

In Part III, we got coverage of a hot event at the show: The Burnout Contest. The person who makes the most smoke (and ruins his tires the most) goes home with the prize. We even got a few pictures of burnout contest casualties as they drove away.

We've also got pictures of the Diesel truck pull (some call it a tractor pull or a sled pull) for those oil-burnin' haulers at the fairgrounds. The field was dominated by burly Dodges with Cummins oil burners, but the Ford Powerstroke and Chevy Duramax guys gave them a real run for their money.

A smaller event that drew in a crowd of wide-eyed onlookers was the freestyle motorcross demonstration. It's amazing what you can do with a couple of ramps, a dirt bike, and no little voice in your head screaming "THIS IS A BAD IDEA!!!" With eyes focused in amazement, attendees witnessed famous aerial tricks with names like "Magnum", "Superman", and "Look, Ma, No Hands!"

Also huge at the event was the rock crawling field. Attendees could take their truck or Jeep and attempt to navigate their way across a boulder infested pile of rocks. Though most drivers had a great time forging the huge rock pile, a few of the less-experienced off-roaders found themselves stranded. Will they ever get out? Check the pics below to find out...

All in all, the weekend was a huge success and fun was had by all. If you stopped by the Stylin' Trucks booth and signed up for our sweet 2006 giveaway truck, you proabably saw the beast and even met some of our truck show staff. If not, we really hope to see you next year. Stop by our booth and say "Hi."

Let's check out the show pictures! (Click the photos to enlarge...)

High-Flying Motorcrosser.
The Freestyle Motorcross Demostration was certainly a crowd favorite.
High-Flying Motorcrosser.
The riders' death-defying, high-flying antics brought in many "oohs" and "aahs".
Dirtbike does a smoky burnout.
And just for good measure, everyone loves a nice smoky burnout!
Custom off-road rig.
This purpose built off road rig shows lots of suspension movement.
Rock Crawling Buggy.
A great off-road buggy with one Hella fog light does the slow crawl.
Lifted Jeep with Flowmaster Exhaust.
A nice Jeep Wrangler with a Flowmaster exhaust and lift kit tries to climb the wall of rocks.
Lifted Jeep with Flowmaster Exhaust.
The Jeep's BF Goodrich tires help him make the climb up the wall a breeze.
A Jeep Wrangler Crawling the Rocks.
A Jeep from Whaley Enterprises makes short work of the rock course.
Custom off-road buggy.
A custom rock crawler shows his suspension flex while being followed by a Jeep Wrangler.
Jeep Wrangler almost takes a nose dive.
This lifted Wrangler almost loses it to the rock face's extreme descent angle.
Rock Spider Racing Buggy.
A buggy from Rock Spider Racing and shows how a buggy is supposed to perform.
Custom Rock Crawler.
This custom rock crawler slowly creeps along while the passenger casually watches the scenery.
Vehicles ready to try the rock crawling course.
There were many different vehicles that showed up to make their bones on the rock course.
Wranler goes head-first over the edge.
This driver in the modified Jeep attempts to leave the rock course without falling on his head.
Skillfull Jeep driver eases down the rock face.
He sends the rear sky-high but keeps his Wrangler under control.
Another Rock Spider Racing Jeep Wrangler.
Another vehicle from shows up. Only this time it's a Jeep with Hella lights.
Jeep Cherokee with Fender Flares.
This poor Jeep Cherokee with fender flares has certainly seen better days.
Toyota Pickup with Fender Flares.
A nice Toyota pickup that came equipped with fender flares, big wheels, and no doors.
The Rock Course.
The rock course wasn't particularly large, but the rocks and voids were. Competition was steep for this event.
Jeep Cherokee needs help getting unstuck.
While nobody should fear trying to off-road, you should fear needing assistance from some construction equipment.
Jeep Wrangler with winch.
A little maroon Jeep Wrangler brings his winch and driver across the course in safety.
Jeep Wrangler with winch.
Bead locks, crash bars, a winch...this Wrangler means business.
Another truck needs assistance on the rock course.
You can't just look the part, you've got to act it too. This Wrangler has all of the bolt-on accessories you could want and he got stuck.
Jeep Cherokee does good on the course.
This stock-looking Jeep Cherokee made light work of the course. It's all about driver skill...
Lots of Jeeps competed in the rock course.
Most of the vehicles competing in the event were Jeeps.
Jeep crawls over the rocks.
The passenger looks on as this Jeep crawls over the big bumps.
Jeep Wrangler with a lift kit.
Here is a nice Jeep Wrangler with plenty of travel in his suspension lift kit.
Ultimate Adventure Jeep Wrangler.
The Ultimate Adventure Wrangler almost gets stuck in a rut.
Rock crawling buggy waits his turn.
This purpose-built buggy waits his turn at the rock course.
Wrangler tries to climb a rock face.
With the passenger looking on again, this white Wrangler tries to climb the rock face.
Lifted Jeep Wrangler.
Another Jeep Wrangler with a lift kit showing some attitude on the rocks.
Dodge Ram with big rig exhaust.
This is one of the Dodge Rams that dominated the diesel truck pull. It's a 4wd truck with a big rig exhaust.
Dodge Ram with Lund visor.
A nice Dodge Ram Diesel 4x4 holds extra weight on the front to keep traction on the ground. It also has a Lund lunar visor installed.
Dodge Ram with big rig exhaust.
Another nice Dodge Ram diesel with a big rig exhaust. He's dragging the sled like it's nobody's business.
Dodge Ram with cowl induction hood.
This Dodge Ram shoots enough black smoke to cast a shadow over himself, his cowl induction hood and half of the crowd.
Ford F350 Super Duty.
Not all of the trucks were Dodge Rams. Here's a Super Duty Ford that had a smoked hood guard, clear overcab lights and extendable towing mirrors.
Mini truck making smoke.
This mini truck definitely brought some cajones to the burnout competition.
Ford Ranger with ram air hood.
This Ford Ranger made plenty of smoke in the competition. He's got a ram air hood and chrome speed grilles.
Dodge Ram Dually making smoke.
This Dodge Ram dually has a big rig exhaust, bumper guides and a whole lotta smoke.
Smoky Burnout from a Dodge Ram.
It took a moment to get going, but this Dodge Ram really brought the smoke....
Silverado doing a burnout.
This Silverado has clear lenses, a polished billet grille and lots of smoke.
Silverado with ruined tire.
What's the end result of all of that smoke? Some ruined tires...
Toyota doing a burnout.
This Toyota with fender flares really showed what the off-roaders could do in a burnout competition.
Jeep Wrangler with shredded tires.
Puplic Service Announcement: Jeeps are no good for burnout contests.

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