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Detailing Tips From The Pros

Detailing Tips From The Pros
Caring for and maintaining the appearance of your truck or SUV is just as important to the overall impression your vehicle makes as the custom accessories you buy. When your paint sparkles, your wheels glisten and your interior is spotless and clutter-free; people WILL notice. In fact, (listen up guys) according to a recent survey, one in six women admitted that they would hesitate to make a follow-up date with a man who picked them up for a first date in a dirty vehicle.

A messy, dirty vehicle can give people a bad impression of you; and it goes beyond picking up empty food wrappers and pop bottles. Stale smelling interior, carpet stains and dull or faded paint have all been cited as contributing factors to the negative vibe a dirty vehicle can give off.

The Value of Keeping It Clean
In addition to enhancing your image, keeping your truck clean will also help maintain the resale value or trade-in allowance of the vehicle. For example, if you look at automobile trade-in value experts such as Kelly Blue Books, vehicles in excellent mechanical condition and appearance can easily fetch up to $1,500 more than the same vehicle in good or fair condition.

Okay, so now you’re probably wondering, “where do I begin?” Well, the first step is to select the right cleaner for the job. But, with the endless variety of products available, this can be a real challenge. That’s when we decided to turn to some of our experts here at Stylin’ who sent us their top products for detailing at home.

The Right Products
First up was Stoner’s complete vehicle care kit, which includes 12 specially formulated cleaning solutions designed to polish and protect virtually every visible surface of your vehicle – both interior and exterior. Basically, you get all the hardcore detergents and cleaners you’ll need to send dirt and stains packing and you get professional cleaning results right at home. In fact, professional detailing shops charge as much as $200 for the same level of clean you get from the Stoner complete vehicle care kit, which sells for under $55.

As for the wash, Stylin’ recommends the Wash & Shine combo kit from D.A. Motorsports. This kit includes a wash and wax detergent and spray wax for future touch-ups.

Finally, for that deep, high-gloss shine we recommend ProFinish. This advanced polymer wax creates a deeper finish than typical wax, and adds a protective coating that prevents future contaminants from damaging your vehicle’s finish.

13 0z. cans of each cleaner - this kit will typically get you through several detailings.

Stoner's Carpet Cleaner got rid of the grease and mud on the carpet floor mats.

Trim Cleaner takes care of dirt & grime on plastic, rubber and vinyl.

Trim Shine spray goes on easy...

...and adds a high-gloss finish that helps protect your interior trim.

Invisible Glass adds a streak-free shine to glass surfaces both inside and out.

Gust high-powered duster is great for cleaning out your stereo, vents and control knobs.

D.A. Motorsports' Wash & Wax concentrate creates a rich lather that easily powers away most dirt and grime.

The Wash & Shine combo kit includes a wash & wax concentrate, wash bucket, two micro fiber towels and an aerosol spray polish for minor touch ups.

A Water Blade squeegee is a great way to eliminate spots while drying.

Tarminator removes stubborn tar, sap and more in preparation for wax.

Stylin' ProFinish adds a deep, high-gloss shine that protects your finish.

More Shine Less Time for tires adds the finishing touch to the clean exterior.

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