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2006 Owensboro Super Truck Nationals

Established in 1817, Owensboro, Kentucky, is the state's third largest city and is nestled scenically along the southern bank of the Ohio River. Not only is it the retail, industrial, and healthcare portal of the state, this historic city also hosts one of the best classic and custom truck shows in the midwest, the Owensboro Super Truck Nationals.

The weekend of June 30th proved to be a fruitful one for the Stylin' Trucks truck show team, with classic and custom trucks coming in from all over the country to attend the nationaly recognized event. This was also the first opportunity for Stylin' Trucks to unveil its new giveaway truck for 2006, a fully customized Ford F150.

The Stylin' Trucks show team was also on hand to give away some great prizes like a complete DJM lowering kit, a set of Euro tail lights, a Street Scene Speed Grille and 137 autographed photos of Una, the Stylin' Trucks truck show photographer.

The show provided plenty of entertainment for showgoers including a great live band that rocked hits from the last three decades and a cooler-riding clown.

Let's check out some of the awesome rides! (Click the photos to expand...)
Tahoe with Cadillac Conversion.
This layed-out Tahoe with a Cadillac conversion kit, big wheels, and Street Scene mirrors was a favorite among attendees.
Air Ride Technologies Tent.
As usual, Air Ride Technologies was on hand with one of their demo rigs and plenty of helpful advice for would-be airbaggers.
Lifted Dodge Ram.
This towering Ram' owner didn't let his tiny li'l axles stop him from running 44-inch mud boggers and tip-toeing around with a custom 14-inch lift kit.
Green Toyota with Flames.
This flamed Toyota features large wheels, a fully-detailed engine compartment, and a billet grille.
Tricked-out GMC Canyon.
You may have seen this tricked out GMC Canyon in many truck magazines...
Canyon with Red Leather Interior.
The interior features seats covered in red leather with baseball stitching.
GMC Canyon with Elliptical Grill.
Another front shot clearly shows the Lund Elliptical grill and SS-Style Bumper Cover on the GMC's front.
Custom Grill and LCD TV.
Here's a view of what makes this truck a show favorite: the LCD TV and custom grill setup with swingout tailgate.
Import Truck with Big Wheels.
This cute little import featured a body drop, large chrome wheels, billet grills and clear corner lenses.
Import Truck with Shaved Door handles.
Another classic import truck. This one has billet grilles in the front and shaved door handles.
Crew Cab Silverado.
This crew cab dually Silverado had a clean paint job, a lowering kit, billet grilles and billet door handles.
Dually Silverado with Flamed Paint Job.
Another dually Silverado. This one with a flamed paint job and cowl hood. The truck also featured custom wheels, clear corner lenses, clear parking lamps, and diamond headlights.
Lifted Super Duty Ford with Fender Flares.
This towering Super Duty had chrome nerf bars, Bushwacker pocket flares, and a Putco tubular grill insert.
Silverado with Custom Front End.
This E.T.-lookin' Silverado rolled in on huge meats and sported a Silverado SS bumper cover.
Stylin' Concepts Body/Rollpan Exhaust Tip.
E.T. also sported Stylin' Trucks' custom body/rollpan exhaust tip.
Classic Chevy Truck with Mag Wheels.
This classic bowtie stayed true to form with mag wheels and lots of chrome.
Clean Ranger with Big Wheels.
Big wheels, a tonneau cover, billet grille, corner lenses, a wing...this li'l Ranger must have forgotten his lowering kit at home...
Cadillac Conversion Kit on a Chevy Silverado.
A Cadillac conversion kit, big wheels, and bright paint made this little gem stand out.
Big Wheels and Billet Grills on this SUV.
This Trailblazer featured a sick custom front end, billet grills, fender vents, and big wheels! It's name: Trailmix
S10 with Cowl Hood.
This spicy little S10 had a cowl hood and clear corner lenses.
Stylin' Concepts Giveaway Truck.
Here we see the Stylin' Trucks truck show team slacking off inside with the sweepstakes truck.
Stylin' Concepts Giving Away Prizes..
Stylin' Trucks brought along local celebrity Jeremy to help give prizes away.
Silverado with Phantom Grille.
This Silverado had a phantom grill and clear turn signals.
S10 with Billet Grille.
This S10 had a billet grill insert and euro turn signals.
Blazer Extreme with Ram Air Hood.
A black Blazer Extreme showed up with a ram air hood, custom lighting, and Street Scene speed grilles.
Silverado with Big Wheels.
A nice clean Silverado with custom wheels and really clean paint.
Chevy Silverado with Flames.
This Chevy Silverado had flames on the side and big wheels.
Chevrolet Silverado with Clear Turn Signals.
The Silverado also had clear lenses and billet grilles.
Chevy Fullsize Pickup with Big Wheels.
This custom Chevy had big wheels, a chrome grill shell kit, and a smoothie bumper.
Silverado SS.
This Silverado SS rolled in with no truck accessories.
Chevy Silverado with Billet Grills.
This nice blue Silverado came with billet grills and a paint-matched grille emblem.
Classic Ford Pickup.
This classic Ford had old-school wheels and original paint.
Classic Ford Pickup with Modern Wheels.
Another classic ford, this one with modern billet wheels.
Dodge Dakota with Shaker Hood.
A slammed Dakota came with a Keystone shaker hood and big wheels.
Old-School S10 with Big Wheels.
An old-school S10 with clean paint and diamond corner lenses.
Dually with Flamed Paint.
This lowered dually had a sick flamed paint job. It's for sale, too.
Lifted Avalanche with big wheels.
This Avalanche was a favorite of the Stylin' Trucks show team. "It was huge," said photographer Una.
Pro-Comp Shocks.
A look at what keeps the Avalanche raised sky-high, Pro-Comp shocks.
Classic Ford with Classic Styling.
A classic Ford on nice dish wheels.
Nissan Mini with Fender Vents.
This body-dropped Nissan had fender vents and custom paint.
Vlazer with Sick Blower.
This blown Chevy Blazer was the loudest thing that Owensboro had ever seen.
Custom Silverado with Matching Mini-bike.
This truck magazine cover truck arrived with billet grilles and a matching mini-bike.
Tundra with Flamed Paint.
This crew cab Toyota Tundra showed up with custom paint and wheels.
Dodge Dakot with Ram Air Hood.
A huge, import style bumper cover, a custom grill shell, and a fiberglass hood adorn this white Dodge Dakota.
Clean C/K Silverado.
Another C/K Silverado with big wheels and a billet grill. The factory corner lenses match the clean orange paint job. Nice!
Nice Silverado with Shaved Mirrors.
A nice example of a 1988-1998 GM fullsize pickup. Its got shaved mirrors, big wheels, clear lighting up front and an aftermarket chrome grille shell.
Silverado with Cowl Induction Hood.
Another really good looking C/K Silverado with a cowl induction hood, big wheels, aftermarket mirrors, clear lights, and billet grills.
Silverado with Huge Wheels.
This Silverado carries both off-road and on-road styling. Big wheels with low-profile tires, a caddy conversion kit, side bars, bed rails. One suggestion: replace those mirrors.
Crazy Clown.
Here he is! The clown riding a cooler...
Ford Super Duty with Lift Kit.
Another great Ford Super Duty example. A lift kit, billet grills, clear turn signals, nice!
Lifted Ford Super Duty with Brush Guards.
And another lifted Super Duty Ford. Chrome wheels, brush guards, and a Fabtech lift kit.
Clean Green and Mean Silverado.
This C/K Silverado is really clean. Custom paint, big wheels, a phantom grill, and clear corner lenses.

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