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Colorado 3rd Brake Light Installation

Truck accessories come in many colors and flavors. Most people go for the obvious accessories for their truck, like a billet grille or an intake system. Too often, what a lot of people don't think about are the little truck accessories, like billet antennas or emblems, chrome door handles or kick plates, and even billet 3rd brake light covers.

And that is the subject of today's installation, a flamed billet 3rd brake light cover from All Sales.

Aside from a billet antenna, a billet 3rd brake light cover is just about the easiest accessory you can install on your truck or SUV. The installation is as simple as removing the few screws that hold your lens on, lining up the cover over your lens, and putting the screws back in.

Let's check it out! (Click the photos to enlarge...)

Remove the fender lining.
1. The Colorado's 3rd brake light is better looking than most, but we're still gonna cover it up.
Remove the fender lining.
2. First, begin by removing the screws that hold the 3rd brake light on. Here's number one...
Remove the fender lining.
3. ...and here's number two.
Remove the fender lining.
4. Here is the piece that is to be installed. It is a flamed 3rd brake light cover manufactured by All Sales.
Remove the fender lining.
5. Now, hold the flamed 3rd brake light cover over the lense. Check for fitment and that the holes line up correctly.
Remove the fender lining.
6. It's now time to put the screws back in. Here's one...
Remove the fender lining.
7. ...and here's the other.
Remove the fender lining.
8. Here it is. Two screws and six minutes later.
Remove the fender lining.
9. Here's another view.

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