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What is a rear spring hanger?
A rear spring hanger is the bracket that the front of the leaf spring bolts to. They are generally riveted to the frame from the factory. A DJM Suspension spring hanger locates the front of the leaf spring higher on the frame and should be used with DJM rear shackles. To install a spring hanger, the factory hangers must be removed. To do this the rivets holding it to the frame must be cut off. This is not an easy job. Rivets can be removed with a die grinder; they can be drilled out or removed with a plasma cutter. Fuel tanks are usually located near the hangers so care must be used. In some cases the fuel tanks must be moved in order to bolt on the new hanger.

Chevy continually makes changes for various reasons. The front spring hanger for 2003-2004 1500 and HD trucks now have at least three different hangers. This makes things extra tough on Stylin' Concepts, DJM and their customers/installers. Nothing is worse than thinking you have the correct hanger, only to find out later that you have the wrong one.

On the Chevy HD, there is a hanger on 2500\3500 8' beds and two other hangers, one on 2500s and another on 1500s with a 6' bed. On a standard 1500 pickup there are at least three hangers so far. And, there are some trucks with the leaf spring mounted directly under the frame that can't be lowered with hangers.

These wide ranging variables make it very important to know how the original hanger is installed on the truck. Installers can easily get themselves into trouble by starting an installation without first checking to see if they have the correct hanger for the vehicle. It is the installers' responsibility to check the hanger before disassembling a vehicle. Neither Stylin' Concepts nor DJM design Chevy trucks - they only make and sell lowering components for them.

The Hangers
Lets start with the Standard 1500 pickups. DJM has identified three different hangers so far. The best way to identify them is to count the rivets holding the hanger to the frame. The first photo is for the EH2599-2 -- this hanger uses only the four holes in the frame itself. Do not count the two holes on the bracket attached to the bottom of the frame. EH2598-2 fits 2003-2004 long beds. EH2504-2 fits short beds. Even though the listing is for a particular vehicle, never assume the hanger on the truck is the same. Always check the vehicle first!

With the numerous hangers that are available, it is more important than ever to check what is on your truck before ordering. DJM offers all hangers and shackles separately.


factory hanger
This is the factory hanger from 2500/3500 8' bed
EH2603-3 EH2603-3 factory hanger
The factory hanger from 2500 6' bed
factory hanger
The factory hanger from 1500 6' bed
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