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Adjusting the driveline angle is usually necessary when lowering a vehicle. When a drive shaft is out of line, the rear U-joint may cause vibrations at high speed. When using flip kits, the correct pinion angle is built into the bracket. DJM Suspension's "Universal Axle Locators" allow for infinite adjustments of the pinion angle.

When using hangers and shackles, pinion shims are needed. Pinion shims or wedges are used to rotate the axle and line up the drive shaft. On most applications, Stylin' Concepts and DJM recommend completing the installation and test-driving before adding shims. Many vehicles will not have any vibrations so shims are not needed.

A common question we get is, "Which way does the shim go?" The answer depends on the application. Pinion shims are most commonly used for hangers and shackles on full size trucks (Chevy, Ford and Dodge). These vehicles have the leaf springs on top of the axle. Lowering the vehicle basically raises the axle. To correct the drive line, the front of the axle needs to be tilted down. The shim would be installed thick end forward. For vehicles with the leaf spring below the axle, the shim would be installed thick side to the rear.

In the center of all leaf springs is a bolt with a round head. This bolt holds the leafs springs together and aligns the axle. When adding a pinion shim the bolt does not protrude far enough to align the axle correctly. DJM shim kits include new center pins with a spacer to raise the bolt off the leaf springs. This will align correctly with the axle.

Changing the pin and installing shims is an easy job. Using two clamps, one on each side of the bolt, remove the nut and center bolt. Slide the spacer on to the bolts and secure with the nut provided. Cut off the excess bolt and set the shim between the axle and the leaf. Line up the pin with the hole in the axle, install U-bolts and tighten.

DJM uses new center bolts with spacer to shim bolt. Cut off excess.

Now the center bolt will align with the axle.

DJM pinion shim kits include new center bolts, spacers and shims.
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