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DJM Suspension has improved and expanded its line of all steel lowering block kits. These blocks are fabricated from steel plate and use solid steel locating pins. They were first designed for use in Dakotas and Durangos with V8 motors and have now crossed over to S10s and imports as well. If you are looking for a lowering block with superior strength, DJM's all steel lowering blocks are what you need.

DJM lowering blocks are available in 1", 2", 3" and a brand new 4" (4" blocks are tapered to correct pinion angle). Steel blocks use solid steel pins to locate the axle. Each block will fit S10s, Dakota and imports with 1/2" locating pins as well as Dakotas and Durangos with 5/8" pins.

DJM 's 1" all steel lowering blocks are made of solid steel and include new center pins. These blocks are designed to bolt directly to the leaf spring. Center pins are 5" long to fit most every leaf spring pack by simply cutting off any excess.

All 2", 3" and 4" blocks will fit all S10s, imports and Dakotas. These blocks can be used on Dakotas with either 1/2" or 5/8" center pins. This design allows one part to be used on a variety of applications. Dodge uses two different sizes of axles on Dakotas, (3" id U-bolts and 3-5/8" U-bolts). It is recommended that you measure the U-bolts before ordering.

DJM steel lowering blocks have 1/2" solid steel pins in the top of the block and a 5/8" hole in the bottom. Included with the kit are "ring shims", measuring 5/8" outside and 1/2" inside. When installing, compare the factory pin in the leaf spring to the pin in the top of the block.

The "ring shims" are installed either on the center pin or the pin on the block. Most vehicles have 1/2" center pin in the leaf spring. The shim is placed on the pin and the block is placed over it. The 1/2" pin in the top of the block will fit in to the plate on the axle.

Bolt to leaf spring
1" blocks bolt to the leaf spring with the new center pin.
Ring shims
2", 3", and 4" blocks have a 1/2" pin on top of the block. Ring shims are included for 5/8" pins.
Hole for leaf springs
2", 3" and 4" blocks have a 5/8" hole to locate the leaf springs.

For applications on 1/2" leaf spring bolt, the ring shim is placed on the leaf spring pin.
Ring shim over bolt
The block is set on top and the axle aligns with the steel pin in the block.
Ring shim installed
For Dakotas with a 5/8" leaf spring bolt, place the ring shim over the pin.

The ring shim installed on top of the block.
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