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For years suspension companies have made flip kits the same. Simply a bracket to relocate the leaf spring below the axle. This design worked great and still does, but more and more new vehicles have variances in the axle housing. Some vehicles like Chevy HD and 2002 Dodge 1500 have multiple axle housings. This would require axle brackets that vary in length to fix these axles. Since the flip brackets only vary about 1/4" to 1/2" in length, but the widths stay the same, identifying the correct brackets becomes difficult and frustrating.

Axle Bracket Problems
During the development of DJM's new axle flip kit, even more variances were found, keeping DJM's techs and engineers busy. As these changes continue, flip kits for new vehicles will require installers to verify the correct flip bracket before starting an installation. One solution is to include additional brackets in each kit, allowing the installer to use the brackets that fit the axle in question and discard the extras. Obviously, this would be wasteful and would eventually lead to higher prices.

The Solution
The engineers at DJM said, "There must be a better solution. We need to make an axle bracket that would fit on any axle." To do so meant designing a bracket that solves the height variance problem. Fortunately, DJM engineers have been working on an entirely new flip bracket design for a special application. This bracket has adjustable pinion angle and would fit on a variety of axles.

The Proto Type
So, a proto type was installed on DJM's 99 Chevy, which previously had their Calmax Level 2, 4"/6" kit installed. This new bracket fit perfectly the first time and has pinion angle adjustment that enables the angle to be fine-tuned. The problem was solved! Here are some photos of how things look.

Readjust pinion angle
If further adjustment is needed, loosen the 5/8" bolts then U-bolts. Readjust the pinion angle and tighten all bolts.

Adjust the pinion angle so the U-joints are in line. For best results, adjust on alignment rack at ride height.
Front U-joint
The front U-joint at the transmission.
Rear U-joint
The rear U-joint at the rear end.

Extended cabs must raise the carrier bearing with a carrier bearing bracket kit. Line up both U-joints and carrier bearing and adjust as needed.
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