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Stylin' Concepts is glad that DJM is a vendor of theirs and not a competitor because we are constantly saying, "The good folks at DJM Suspension have done it again."

This time it's because of the easy to install drop kit for the 2002-2003 Dodge Ram that the engineering staff designed. Not only is it relatively easy to install; it is also reasonably priced and unique to the market. The kit drops the front 2" and offers an adjustable rear drop from 3" to 6". The 2-inch front drop comes from swapping the stock lower control arms with new DJM Calmax arms with twin tube sleeves and all poly bushings. The stock shocks and coil springs are retained as well as the stock front bump stops. The ball joints, bushings and twin sleeves come already installed in the control arms. No additional modifications are required.

The rear kit is DJM's traditional flip kit. Designed to put pressure on the axle and to make adjusting the pinion angle very simple and straightforward, the DJM exclusive flip bracket works exceptionally well on the Dodge Ram and lines up the pinion perfectly without the use of pinion wedges. The big news is that the elongated shackle of ¼-inch material is used on the rear of the leaf spring and features four mounting holes for different height positions on the rear end offering drops from 3 to 6 inches allowing you to customize your drop. The stock rear bump stop is replaced with a much flatter one equipped with a mounting bracket that locates the stop and bolts up directly with no drilling or cutting required.

To see just what's involved in installing the new DJM Dodge Ram drop kit, we visited Rapid Transit in San Pedro, California, and watched installer Jason Garcia do the honors on customer Rich Lomeli's beautifully flamed 2003 Ram.

It should be noted that the rear end of this particular Ram had previously been dropped approximately an inch and a half before this installation. See the accompanying photos for the highlights of the install.

Dodge Ram height
With the '03 Dodge Ram on his straight and level alignment rack, Rapid Transit installer Jason Garcia measured the front ride height from the center of the wheel to the finder lip at 19-5/8".
Rear height
The rear ride height, previously dropped 1-1/2", measured 20-1/2".

The DJM front drop kit includes: the specially engineered lower control arms, sway bar end links, lubrication packets and installation instructions.

The rear kit includes: new shocks, spring plates, elongated shackles adjustable from 3"-6", replacement bump stops and bump stop brackets, and necessary hardware.

Beginning on the driver's side front corner, Jason starts to remove the tie rod.

Then the stock lower control arm is removed.

Here's a closer look at the DJM 2" lowering control arm (left) compared to the stock control arm.

Jason prepares the DJM twin sleeve by drilling a hole in each outer sleeve for lubricating the inner sleeve.

He files away any burrs in the sleeve resulting from the drilling.

He tightens a zerk filling into each hold drilled in the outer sleeve.

He thoroughly lubricates both the inner and outer sleeves with the lubrication packet included in the kit.

Jason then installs the DJM lower control arm.

The new sway bar end link is installed to complete the driver's front corner. Repeat for the passenger side.

With the rear axle supported on a floor jack, Jason begins the rear drop by unbolting the leaf spring, one end at a time.

The stock bump stop is removed.

Here a look at the new, flatter DJM bump stop (right) compared to the stock bump stop.

The new DJM bump stop on its mounting bracket is bolted in place.

Jason installs the DJM adjustable shackle.

The DJM flip kit for the Dodge is engineered to fit well with the stock exhaust system, but aftermarket systems like the one on this Ram must be cut before the repositioned leaf springs will fit.

After the aftermarket exhaust system is trimmed, the leaf spring is easily installed beneath the axle and bolted to the new adjustable shackle.

The new, longer U-bolts are positioned and tightened in place.

He then installs the axle locator brackets.

The stock shocks are removed.

A comparison of the stock shock (top) and the DJM shock.<1strong>

The new DJM shock is installed. Repeat for the other side.

After the wheels are aligned, the front ride height measured 17-5/8", a drop of 2".

The rear measured 18-1/2", a drop of 2".

The installation of the DJM drop kit left the Ram with an improved stance and excellent ride and handling.
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