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Chevy has made the Suburban, Tahoe and Avalanche rear suspensions very much the same. They do use different rate coil springs and a variety of shocks depending on the vehicle and the rear height will vary from vehicle to vehicle as well. The Electronic shock option does not work when these vehicles are lowered and will need to be removed. Rear suspension travel will also decrease and may bottom out under some conditions. If you are uncertain about the right drop for you, call us or check with people who have installed this kit. Look at what they have done, or go for a ride to get a better idea of what to expect.

DJM Suspension does not recommend using a 5" spring on Tahoes. This will make the rear too low, the axle will sit on the bump stops and the ride will be very harsh.

This kit, as with all DJM kits, is designed for 2-wheel drive vehicles. Some custom part installers have used these kits on 4-wheel drive, however neither Stylin' Concepts nor DJM have any information as to what modifications are necessary to make this kit work. We cannot offer any tech help on using this kit on 4wd and we do not know what the long term affects of using this kit would be.

Below are photos of the rear springs available from DJM. Both the 2" and 3" springs are painted hammertone gray. There are easy to tell apart by the free length. The 2" springs measures 16" and the 3" spring is 14". The 5" springs are more difficult to tell apart. DJM paints these springs two different colors. The standard 5" springs are painted blue and the heavy-duty springs are black.

2" Rear Coil
Used on Suburban and Avalanche. Can be used on Tahoe, but may have limited amount of drop.

3" Rear Coil
Used on Suburban and Tahoe with RK2000 rear hardware kit. Drops Tahoe about 2".

5" Rear Coil
Recommended for Suburban and Avalanche. Used for daily driving, occasional moderate loads and light to medium towing.

5" Heavy Duty Coil
Used on Suburban/Avalanche for heavy loads and towing. 25% higher spring rate than CS2000R-5. Can be very firm ride when unloaded.

Sway Bar and Trailing Arms
Adjusting the rear sway bar and installing new links as well as trailing arm brackets are required when dropping the rear 3"-5". The sway bar needs to be moved to the passenger side of the vehicle or there is interference with the pan hard bar. The new end links are offset especially for this and all necessary hardware is included with the kit. Trailing arm brackets are also used to allow the axle to move up with the new coil springs. This bracket keeps the trailing arm at the correct angle.

This is the D-bushing moved over to the passenger side. The hold on the left is where it was bolted at the factory.

The driver side sway bar end link is offset. Bolt to factory upper mount and bolt sway bar on the right side of the end link.

Here's another look at the driver side. Be sure to add some grease to the red bushings. The end link needs to move so do not over-tighten.

For the passenger side, the end links are moved to the outside of the factory mount. The sleeve included with the kit goes between the factory brackets.

The end link is bolted to the bolt that will let the sway bar move to the right. Again, the sway bar bolt to the right side of the end link.

Here's a shot further away. Note the new shock and trailing arm bracket.

Trailing arm brackets bolt to existing hole. No drilling required.

The trailing arm brackets have two holes in the lower mount (only one is used) so they will fit on either side.

The new trailing arm brackets are installed to let the axle move up and keep the trailing arm at the right angle.

Driver Side
This and the following photo show the lower mounting of the trailing arms. Notice the bolts are on the outside of both brackets. The inner hole is not used. The trailing arm needs to pivot on the bolts as the axle moves. Put some grease on the bolt and do not over-tighten.

Passenger Side

Front and Rear Bump Stops
The front and rear bump stop should be modified to work best. This is a simple job. The photos below show how DJM does this. This takes very little time but it is well worth the effort.

This is the new control arm with the factory front bump stop. Only one edge of the bump stop will contact control arm.

The bump stop was removed and shaped to fit better wit the new control arm.

Here's the bump stop back in the truck. You can see how this will allow much better contact.

Here is the factory rear bump stop with the first ring cut off.

To give the bump stop a more custom look, we modified it on our belt sander.

Here it is installed back in the truck.
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