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Obsessive is the only way to describe the mini truck enthusiast. With hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars invested, they know that suspension is the last place to skimp. Belltech believes that when a vehicle is slammed, it should still ride right.

Belltech's mini truck suspensions are designed just like the full size truck suspensions - built to fit properly, work perfectly and out perform anything on the market. This is especially crucial when dropping a mini - a sag or lean of 1/4 of an inch is noticeable to the eye of a precision mini truck builder.

If low is what you're looking for, Belltech offers a full line of rear lowering blocks, rear lowering leaf springs and Nitro-Drop Shocks to fit most mini truck applications. Belltech's Dropped Front Spindles and I-Beams are designed to give you the most drop while maintaining full wheel travel and proper suspension geometry.

So if your mini is more than all show and no go, you'll appreciate all the engineering that has gone into every Belltech mini truck suspension product.

Mini Truck Parts
Belltech Lowering Block Kits are designed to lower the rear of your mini tuck in 1, 2, or 3 inch increments. All Belltech blocks are built of die-cast aluminum and are sold as complete kits including cold rolled 1/2" diameter U-blots with precision rolled threads, SAE plated washers and self locking nuts.

Nitro-Drop Shocks are high quality, nitrogen gas-filled performance shock absorbers engineered specifically for your Import Truck. Nitro-Drop's state of the art design and performance complements Belltech Dropped Front Spindles and lowering components. Nitro-Drop shocks also work great on any properly lowered or stock height vehicle.

Belltech Dropped I-Beams are designed to lower trucks 2 1/2", maintain critical suspension geometry and the original factory ride quality. Belltech's unique stamped and welded design provides increased strength at critical load bearing points while improving handling and steering response by reducing unsprung weight. These direct replacement I-Beams also include mounting for the factory sway bar. Belltech I-Beams are finished with high quality powder coating and come complete with urethane bushings and all necessary hardware.

Dropped Front Spindles are designed to lower your truck 2", improve the handling and maintain the original factory ride quality. Our spindles maintain critical suspension geometry eliminating excessive ball joint, shock and tire wear common to other forms of lowering. Each spindle is built from high strength ductile iron, providing the structural integrity to meet and exceed factory specifications. Belltech Dropped Front Spindles are the only proper way to lower a truck.

Belltech's new Multi-Pack Leaf Springs lower the rear of your truck 3 inches while providing a smooth ride. These springs easily replace the stock springs and come complete with OEM bushings and sleeves.

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