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Pace Edwards Bedlocker Tonneau Covers

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Bedlocker work?
The Pace Edwards Bedlocker tonneau cover is powered by an electric motor that opens and closes the cover. The motor and tonneau are housed in the "canister" at the front of the bed. The motor opens or closes the cover, sliding it along rails fastened to the truck bed. You control this movement via a remote control.

What is the tonneau cover made of?
The Bedlocker bed cover is manufactured from heavy gauge extruded aluminum panels, with a strong and durable black textured powder coat finish. The panels are fastened together with a patented silicone hinge seal.

Will the bed cover keep the truck bed dry? What about ice and snow?
The Bedlocker is designed so that water collected on the top is carried to the canister at the front of the truck bed. Drain tubes located in the base of the canister then take the water outside the truck.

Water cannot pass through the silicone hinge sealed top. However, water may enter the bed via components that are not part of the cover such as the tailgate and stake pockets. These components require proper sealing during installation. Pace Edwards does not claim that their covers are 100% waterproof. Be very cautious if a manufacturer says that their retractable cover is 100% waterproof.

Snow should be swept off of the tonneau cover with a broom before operating, otherwise you'll end up with a bed full of snow. Ice can be removed by taking your hand (and only your hand) and smacking the cover as close to the middle as possible. This will cause a vibration in the cover that breaks up the ice, making it easy to remove. Do not use anything but your hand for this.

Is the retractable bed cover hard to install? How long will installation take?
The installation of the Bedlocker tonneau cover is relatively easy. The most time consuming part of the installation is running the wiring harness down the frame rail of the truck. And the electrical installation is just that easy, run the wires up the frame to the engine compartment and connect the positive(red) and the negative(black) directly to the battery.

Installation should take under 1 hour for the professional and 1½-2 hours for a first time installer.

How does the Bedlocker lock?
The Bedlockers electromagnetic brake system locks the cover automatically in any position.

Will the cover improve my gas mileage? How?
Studies shows substantial gas mileage improvement whenever the box of a pickup is covered. Input from customers and our own experience bear out the accuracy of this claim.

Will the cover work with my bedliner?
The rails on our cover are designed to fasten directly on the sill of the truck bed. If you have a bedliner that covers the sill, modification will be required. Most under-the-rail bedliners are more easily fitted with our cover, but may also require modification near the front corners. See image below.

Pace Edwards Tonneau Install Diagram

Is there a warranty on the Bedlocker?
Yes, there is a three-year factory defect warranty on all parts.

What do I do if I accidentally get caught between the cover and the tailgate?
We recommend that you not have your hands in the way when closing the cover. However, the controller is programmed to not set the brake for 5 seconds after the cover comes to a stop. This 5 second pause will give you time to push the cover away enough to eliminate pinching yourself. (You will need to push very hard to move it).

How much weight will my cover hold, can I walk on it?
Your BedLocker is not weight rated for load carrying. It is able to hold a substantial amount of weight, especially if it’s evenly distributed such as a snow load. If you would like to carry something above your cover please use a proper set of rails or a storage rack.

Can a garage door opener operate my cover?
The BedLocker uses a rolling code to secure your cover. This gives you approximately 7 million random codes that change each time you push the button. It would be unlikely that a random garage door opener could open your cover.

Does my engine have to be running to operate the cover?
No, your cover will operate on battery only, but you will notice that it does run slightly faster with the engine running. The controller will not operate if the amperage draw falls below 10.5 amps. This will still allow you to crank the engine.

Is a cab-mounted toggle switch available?
Yes, you can purchase a toggle switch kit that plugs directly into the controller's extra pigtail, which will allow you to operate the cover with the flick of a switch.

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