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2006 Cleveland CarQuest Auto-Rama

Part II

Welcome to Part II of our review of the Cleveland CarQuest Auto-Rama. If you haven't seen it yet, you may be interested in Cleveland CarQuest Auto-Rama Part I, where we look at some of the beautiful trucks out in the parking lot of the event.

After shooting pictures out in the parking lot for a good hour, the Stylin' Trucks photo team finally went into the event to see what was what.

Crowd waiting in line.
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The first thing you notice when you walk in the door is the shear size of the place. The IX Center, where the event is held, was a tank factory back in World War II and is absolutely huge. It was the perfect venue for an event such as this.

There was a dual dyno setup, complete with drag-race style starting lights, a huge swap meet, a little model car show, and an arcade where we saw some Amish youth dropping free-throws like they were hot, "Too easy, Ezekiel, too easy!"

This isn't just some hokey little car show either. It's huge, really huge, and there are a bunch of guest celebrities that show up. "Q" from West Coast Customs, Batista from WWE, and those jokers from Cincinnati that won "The Amazing Race - Family Edition" were there.

Once we got our tickets and slid past an awesome mustang to the concourse, you can either go into the Auto-Rama, to the huge food court, or to the other show that the building was hosting, the "Sport, Travel, and Outdoors show".

Badass Mustang. Entrance Sign.
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Once you get into the actual Auto-Rama, there are custom cars as far as the eye can see. There were some really nice sport compact cars, lots of old-school muscle, and some one-off customs.

Satan's Chevelle.
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One thing that we did notice almost right away was a huge crowd gathering across the show floor. We walked over and saw a badass Chevelle SS on the dyno, getting ready to humiliate some poor sucker's Corvette.

Most often, if ever, you only hear an 1100HP car out in the open on a drag strip, or going down the street. Let me tell you that you never want to be inside the same building with one as it tries to prove its manliness. The pulsing, throbbing roar of the engine shook the walls of the building, turning it into a massive subwoofer enclosure. It can only be described as Satan clawing his way out of the gateway to hell and slamming you in the chest with a sledghammer the size of a buffalo. It was intense...

To sum it all up, the show was pretty darn good. There were lots of custom vehicles there, especially lots of trucks. Check below for our great pictures (click on them to expand) from inside the event. And don't forget to check out Part I where we look at nice trucks that show-goers drove to the event. Enjoy...

Crazy Clown.
This is the clown that terrified children with his balloon-work, his smile, and his nose.
Ford Ranger with sick paint.
Stepside Ford Ranger with sick paint.
Dodge Full Size Van.
A nice classic Dodge van with a custom interior.
Old School Chevrolet Fullsize Pickup.
Old-school Silverado with a kickin' speaker system in the audio competition.
Ford Ranger with wicket Plum paint.
Another nice Ford Ranger with dual exhaust and nice paint.
Show-dominating Dodge Ram.
a custom Dodge Ram with air suspension and sick paint.
Nice Dodge Ram.
This Dodge fullsize pickup had huge wheels, killer paint and a custom air suspension setup.
Wooden Ford Ranger.
A Ford Ranger completely carved out of wood.
Ford Ranger with sick paint.
Our friends DA Motorsports were there too.
Yellow Truck.
A slick yellow truck with custom tail lenses.
Older GMC Sierra Fullsize Pickup.
A classic body style Sierra with clear lenses and lowered suspension.
1972 Chevy Hot Rod Pickup.
Many years after it's birth, this 1972 Chevrolet Silverado wows people at the show.
F150 w/ Video Games in the back.
This Ford F150 had a custom stereo and huge video game system in the bed.
F150 w/ Grille, Bull Bar, and Off-road lights.
A Ford F-150 with custom grills and a chrome bull bar.
Chopped S10 w/ custom bodywork.
An S10 with billet grilles, a custom airdam, no top, and Mercedes-style roll bars.
Hummer H1 Alpha and Army Guy.
A lone soldier perched atop this intimidating Hummer H1 Alpha.
Custom Front Inner Fenders.
This blue mini has a clean engine with custom front inner fenders.
Smoothed Tailgate and custom bed floor.
The bed floor is custom smoothed and the paint is slick.
Old-School GMC SUV.
This little GMC SUV has a phantom grill and flashy paint.
Cadillac Escalade with big wheels.
A Cadillac Escalade from Roman Chariot had huge chrome wheels.
Cadillac Escalade with replacement grill insert.
A ram air style hood and diamond wire grille adorn this Escalade's front.
GT Ford F-150.
A clean, stock-looking GT-F-150 with GT graphics.
Chevy Colorado with caddy taillights and lambo doors.
This Chevrolet Colorado had custom paint, lambo doors, and Cadillac tail lenses.
Clean Chevy Silverado.
This is a really great example of a show truck. Mirrors and carpet make a nice display.
Chevy Silverado with nice paint.
Big wheels and custom paint also adorned this Silverado.
Huge lifted GMC Sierra.
This lifted Chevy, aside from the CXT, was the biggest truck at the show.
Axle Brake.
This axle brake, steering dampers, and huge differential means that this truck is serious.

HMH Off-Road.
Our friends from HMH Offroad were there, representing the off-road crowd.
Old-school red Ford F-series pickup.
A classic Ford fullsize pickup with bright red paint.
Old-school Dodge Van.
The Ram van had shag carpet and hardwood floors.
GMC Sierra w/ lots of alternators.
This classic Chevy pickup had clear parking lenses, a billet grille, and extra alternators.
Honda Ridgeline with nice wheels and billet grill.
A custom Honda Ridgeline with billet grills and big wheels.
Dodge Ram custom air suspension.
This Dodge Ram has custom air suspension and a custom interior.
Dodge Ram with slick interior.
The interior of this Ram was laid out with a custom steering wheel and electronics.
Wooden Ford Ranger.
This wooden Ford was a crowd pleaser.
Lifted Toyota 4-runner.
A custom Toyota 4-Runner with nice paint.
International CXT.
This international CXT was on display in the off-road section.
Brand new black Silverado.
This SS Silverado was here promoting a local autobody shop.
1972 Chevy Fullsize Pickup with Flames.
A custom flamed paint job adorned this lowered classic Chevrolet pickup truck.
Lifted Chevrolet Truck with crash bar.
This lifted 4x4 Chevy sported a chrome grille guard and off-road lights.
Ford Ranger with sick paint.
This guy received the "Small Shorts Award" from our photo team.
Chevy S10 w/ chopped top.
This chopped S10 featured big wheels, euro tails, and a custom tailgate.
Chevrolet Silverado SS AWD.
An SS Silverado with big wheels and bright red paint.
Custom Truck and Bed Floor.
A mini-truck with nice blue paint and pinstripe flames.
Skull-stickered Dodge Ram.
The interior of this mini is clean and neat.
Custom Interior.
The GMC Jimmy has old-school wheels and graphics.
Cadillac Escalade with big wheels.
A nice cascading fade goes down the side of this Escalade.
Colorado Sweepstakes from WMMS.
This Colorado was a giveaway for WMMS. Throw  a paper airplane into  the window and you could win it!
Ford F-150 with billet grille.
The front of the GT-F-150 had a clean billet grill.
Chevrolet Colorado with billet grille and lambo doors.
The Colorado also featured a billet grille, large wheels, and a lowered suspension.
Custom Chevrolet Silverado with Billet Grill.
This truck has clear corner lenses, a billet grille, and custom lowered suspension.
Ford Ranger with sick paint.
This is one wet floor sign you need to pay attention to.
Lifted crazy chevy.
The whole undercarriage was painted and chromed and a brush guard covered the bumper.
Lifted Silverado with big tires and crash bars.
This lifted Chevy was displayed in memory of Josh Whaley, a truck enthusiest who died of cancer at 22.

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