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Top Off-Road Truck Accessories

Looking to get a rugged off-road look? Maybe you use your truck off-road or want to but you don't know what you need to get it ready for the trails. Well, here is a list of the top then things you need for your truck, in order to survive rugged terrain.

Lifted Suspension Kit
A lifted suspension is a must-have if you plan on taking your truck off-road. It increases your truck's ground clearance and makes room for larger tires. This is going to help when you're navigating rough terrain. Most lift kits come complete with shocks that really help your rig's ride quality on and off-road.
Off-Road Wheels & Tires
After you've lifted your truck you are going to have quite a gap between the fender and the tire. And, if you plan on rock crawling or taking your truck mudding, you need bigger tires. Larger tires are going to help absorb harsh impact and give you more traction in dirt, mud, sand, and snow. Off-road wheels offer superior strength over the factory wheels and give your truck a beefy look.
Side Step Bars
These offer multiple advantages. If you've got a lifted truck it may be harder to get into the truck. These will assist you getting in and out of your rig. They also offer rocker panel protection. If you are crawling over a rock a step bar may offer the protection you need to keep from crinkling the rocker panel.
Front Grille Guard
Add protection and a place to mount off-road driving lights with a front grille guard. These protect the entire front end of your truck in case of a collision and provide mounting points for auxiliary off-road driving lights. You can get them in a number of finishes that complement your vehicle nicely.
Programmers & Tuners
Improve gas mileage and get more power. Going off-road is going to require more power from your engine. A programmer plugs into your diagnostic port and downloads the performance program after you answer a few "yes" or "no" questions. It will also give you the ability to change tire size, which makes sure your speedo is calibrated correctly if you have larger tires.
Spare Tire Mount
Going off-road comes with an inherent risk off blowing out a tire. So, it makes sense to always have a back up. Most over sized tires won't fit in the stock location. This bed mounted, spare tire holder allows you to keep a large spare in the bed. It allows you to quickly remove the spare and give you the ability to lock it, preventing theft of your wheel.
Off-Road Driving Light
Off-roading at night can be very dangerous if you are not familiar with the area. These driving lights can be mounted on light bars, grille guards or sport bars to provide extra lighting at night. They come in a variety of housing finishes, shapes and sizes. Don't hit the trails at night without a set of these powerful lamps.
Off-Road Trail Kit
Make sure you can get yourself out of tricky situations when you're off-road. This kit comes with gloves, two tow straps, an air-down tire gauge with automatic bleeder valve and a spot light. This is the "first-aid kit" for off-roaders.
Off-Road Winch
Make sure you can get yourself out of the mud when you're stuck. These winches allow you to power in and out depending on your needs and most come with a remote controller. The heavy-gauge cable will ensure you can get out of any situation.
Exhaust System
So, your truck is big and bad. But it sounds like a puddle jumper. An aftermarket exhaust system is not only going to give you extra power and torque. It is going to make your truck sound as aggressive as it looks.

Stainless steel is recommended for off-road use since it is more durable than alumized.

Whether you want an aggressive off-road look for every day driving, or you want to hit the trails- these are the products that you are going to need. They are trail worthy and keep you (and your truck ) safe.
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