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Top Performance Product Picks

At Stylin' Trucks, we know that performance is important to everyone. So, we've put together our choice for the top ten performance truck accessories. With the exception of suspension and brakes, all of the items on the list are power-adders. What we mean is that they either produce more power for your motor, free up some restricted power, or help the motor to reach it's own power potential.

As noted, you'll see that we've included suspension and brakes to this list. No, they don't add any power to your ride, but they do make your ride "perform" better, so they're included. Read on and gather the knowledge that you need to really make your truck stand out.

Exhaust System
Not only do performance exhaust systems sound and look great, they also deliver a definite performance advantage. Featuring larger diameter tubing, mandrel bends, free-flowing mufflers, and high quality materials, performance exhaust systems deliver the performance that you need.
Exhaust Systems
Intake System
Performance intake systems give you many benefits; great sound, good power, and awesome gas mileage. Most include a new, high-flowing intake tube, a conical style, cotton-gauze air filter, and a heat shield to keep hot engine compartment air out of your intake stream.
Intake Systems
Performance Tuner
Performance engine tuners are hands-down the easiest way to tweak more power out of your engine. Most units plug into your truck or SUV's diagnostic port (It's under your dash.) and ask a few simple yes or no questions. The unit then reprograms your factory computer for more power, or better gas mileage.
Performance Tuners
Throttle Body Spacer
Throttle body spacers have been around for a long time. Old hot rodders used to use wood, but we've got them from something a little more stable: Billet Aluminum. They provide extra fuel atomization to create a cleaner, more powerful combustion cycle. And a more powerful combustion cycle means more HP's.
Throttle Body Spacer
Lowering Kit
Lowering kits aren't going to give you more power or gas mileage, but they will make sure that you look good while doing it. The right lowering kit gives your truck an attractive, aggressive stance. And with the lower center of gravity, your truck will handle better and all but eliminate body roll.
Performance Suspension
Headers are a great complement to a performance exhaust system. They replace your inefficient, restrictive factory exhaust manifolds with stylish, high-performance units. High quality headers feature equal length tubes, larger diameter ports, and an attractive, high-performance look.
Electric Fan
Most full size trucks have an engine-driven fan that is both inefficient and heavy. It puts unneeded stress on your rotating assembly and robs your engine of power. Replacing this fan with a high-quality electric unit will free up some good horsepower and keep your engine cooler.
Electric Fans
Mass Airflow Sensor
Another vital component of your truck's intake system is the Mass Airflow Sensor. This unit features a larger opening and a slimmer-profile air probe to cut down on resistance in the intake system. Also, the units onboard circuits have been reprogrammed to allow more power potential from your engine.
Mass Airflow Sensors
Superchargers are probably the biggest power-adder you could ever get for your truck. Instead of your engine sucking in air to make power, a supercharger forces air into your engine. And if you know anything about engines, you know that more air means more power.
Go-fast goodies and large diameter wheels sure take a toll on your braking system. Big wheels especially because they have much more rotating mass are are far harder to stop with factory brakes. Upgrading to a high-performance braking system is not only a smart move, it's a safe move.
Brake Systems

We hope that this Performance Accessories Buying Guide was of some assistance to you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please call one of our knowledgable and helpful sales representatives at 1-800-586-9713.

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