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Top Gas-Saving Products

With today's rising gas prices, your truck or SUV's gas mileage is really a huge issue and you want to make every ounce of fuel count. That's why at Stylin' Trucks, we want to help you and your truck or SUV get the most out of every drop. So we've put together our choices for the top ten truck accessories to improve fuel economy. So read on and find something that may help you go the extra mile.

Follow this link for more information on fuel saving products. For more detailed information about some of the fuel saving products listed on this page, visit our other Gas Savings article

Air Filter & Air Intake
High performance air filters and air intake systems feature free-flowing cotton gauze filters and large diameter tubing. These can improve your fuel economy by making it easier for your engine to breath and make power without sacrificing filtration. More>>
Air Filters and Intakes.
Exhaust System
Not only do performance exhaust systems sound and look great, they also deliver a definite fuel economy boost. Featuring mandrel bends, high quality materials, free-flowing mufflers, and larger diameter tubing , high-quality exhaust systems make your engine perform more efficiently. A more efficient motor produces more power and gets better gas mileage. More>>
Exhaust Systems.
Performance Tuner
Performance engine tuners, (a.k.a. programmers), are one of the easiest ways to tweak more mileage out of your truck or SUV's engine. Most of these units plug into the diagnostic port under your dash and ask a few "yes" or "no" questions. To complete the installation the performance tuner then reprograms your factory computer for better gas mileage. More>>
Performance Tuners.
Pressure Check Valve Caps
In order for your tires to roll down the road smoothly and efficiently, they need to be inflated to the proper pressure. And unless you check them every day, you may not know if they are low. With just a quick glance, these pressure check valve caps alert you if your tire pressure has dropped significantly. More>>
Pressure Check Valve Caps.
Tonneau Covers
Tonneau covers can help improve fuel economy by helping air to flow more smoothly over the bed of your truck. Tonneau covers provide a smooth, clean surface for air to glide over and allow your truck to drive down the road more efficiently. More efficiency means more gas mileage. More>>
Tonneau Covers.
Plugs and Wires
Changing the spark plugs and spark plug wires on your engine help to improve your gas mileage by creating a cleaner-burning, more powerful combustion cycle. A more powerful motor can propel your truck or SUV down the street easier and with less fuel. More>>
Spark Plugs and Wires.
Oil Filter
An oil filter by itself really can't do much in the way of fuel economy, but when paired up with a high-quality oil change you can get more power. New oil in your truck or SUV's engine helps it to operate smoother and with less resistance, freeing up power and creating fuel economy. More>>
Oil Filter.
Tornado Air Insert
Tornado air inserts help improve fuel economy by making your intake system more efficient. Using a patented design and high quality stainless steel, Tornado air inserts create a swirling turbulence in your intake system that allows the air to move through your intake tract faster and with more velocity. More air means more power and better gas mileage. More>>
Tornado Air Insert.
Electric Fan
Most full-size trucks have an engine-driven fan that is both inefficient and heavy. It puts undo stress on your rotating assembly and robs your engine of power. Replacing this fan with a high-quality electric unit will really free up some good horsepower, improve fuel economy, and keep your engine cooler. More>>
Electric Fans.
Throttle Body Spacer
Throttle body spacers can increase your gas mileage by helping your engine burn air and fuel more efficiently. Specially designed throttle body spacers create turbulence in your intake manifold that helps to more completely atomize fuel and air. This creates a cleaner burning, more powerful engine and better gas mileage. More>>
Throttle Body Spacer.

We hope that this Fuel Economy Buying Guide was of some assistance to you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please call one of our knowledgable and helpful sales representatives at 1-800-586-9713.

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