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Chevy Silverado Facelift In 1 Hour (or less).

If you want that sporty look for your truck or SUV without spending a lot of money, it's as easy as installing a few truck accessories. We set this truck up with a few front-end parts that really set this truck off. Follow along with us as we install a chrome Speed Grille insert and chrome emblem from Street Scene, as well as a set of clear corners from Car Wear. You can see for yourself the dramatic difference it made for this 2002 Chevy Silverado.

Installation was very easy. We used basic hand tools, including a flat head screwdriver, a phillips head screwdriver and some allen keys. The only other tools you'll need are your hands (and maybe a friend to help you remove the factory grille shell). Both the Speed Grille and the emblem came with the necessary hardware for installation and we didn't have to do any cutting or modifying to install them. Let's check it out.

Installing the Grille, Emblem and Corner Lenses.

1. First, remove the clips that attach the radiator shroud cover using a flat head screwdriver.

2. Then remove the screws under the shroud cover and bottom of the shell.

3. Lastly, remove the bolt next to the hood latch.

4. The grille shell can then be removed from the truck.

Now that the Silverado's grille shell has been removed we can install the chrome Speed Grille and chrome emblem from Street Scene.

5. Use a flat head screwdriver to push the clips off in order to remove the factory emblem.

6. The Silverado's factory emblem can then be removed from the grille shell.

7. Look at the difference between the factory emblem and the new chrome one from Street Scene. It's night and day.

8. Screw the supplied threaded posts into the back of the emblem and tighten them with an allen key.

9. The emblem can then be put back into the factory grille shell where the old emblem used to be.

10. Using the supplied nuts with washers, bolt the emblem to the grille shell.

Next, we can move to installing the chrome Speed Grille insert.

11. Make sure you test fit the Speed Grille to make sure it fits correctly.

12. These are the clips supplied the kit uses to install the Speed Grille insert.

13. Push the clips over the insert and the grille shell to hold the insert in place.

14. Install the clips for the lower and upper inserts spacing them out about 4 to 6 inches.

Let's move onto installing the clear corner lenses.

15. First, unclip the corner lens using your finger.

16. The factory corner lens is now free and can be pulled out.

17. Remove the daytime running light, parking and turn signal bulb sockets from the corner lens.

18. Here's a quick look at the factory turn signal bulb and the replacement amber one.

19. Here's what the new, clear lens looks like installed on the truck. We're now ready to install the grille shell back on the truck.

20. Place the grille shell back on the truck and reinstall all screws and clips on the grille and the radiator shroud cover.

Here's the finished product. Look at the dramatic difference installing the chrome Speed Grille insert, chrome emblem and clear corner lenses made on this 2002 Silverado! The best part about this, the parts are affordable and it only takes about an hour to install everything. We didn't have to do any cutting since the Speed Grille installed over the factory grille inserts. The emblem and corner lenses were direct replacements of their factory counterparts. So what are you waiting for? Your truck is ready for a facelift.
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